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Town that is poised on top of the caves and between two...




Giant sink hole leading to cave...

The Italian, Slovenian Border ....

At the border ....unofficial

Couple in the little cafe near the border..we are now in Italy!



Trieste in the distance.......

Mary and Clifford who carried their red mugs that they never used



In front of the fountain

Next day a different type of group in front of the fountain

The first Triest stock exchange, nicknamed the Temple of Money

I was very pleased to pick up my bag from the post...

Bridal car

Beautiful coastline looking back towards Trieste

Anyone can go topless!

Day 23 Gornja Košana, Slovenia – Ocizla, Slovenia 29 but I walked 20 kms

The day dawned with thunder. Lightning and rain! Great! A small group set out early but most hitched a ride to the Skocjan Caves! Jeanette, my sister had told me not to miss them if I got a chance to go there. So it was wonderful when I found the walk went right past them. Unbelievable caves! Like the Grand Canyon. The cave tour covered several kilometres and that is only a small section of the cave!

Six of us did this then set out to walk the rest of the way. The food gets better and better and we stopped for a wonderful Italian lunch although we are still in Slovenia.

Unfortunately, as we were leaving the heavens opened and it poured for the entire rest of the walk.....about 3 hours. Even though I had rain gear I was a sodden mess by the time I arrived. But in good shape and no blisters. Luckily the lady who runs the guest house did a load of washing to dry clothes

Day 24.....on to Trieste. 20 kilometres!

The day dawned with a beautiful blue sky! Perfect weather. The first part of the walk was through heavy woodland and at times was quite rough and slippery. I was so pleased conditions were not like yesterday. Then a little stone bridge and into Italy. The first walkers stopped here and made an unofficial crossing and everyone stopped here for a rest and a coffee. Tiny little cafe opened while we were there.

Then down the bike track into Trieste. Beautiful!

Having a group photo in front of the fountain which was built in 1751, symbolising the four continents! Yes only four, Australia had not been discovered yet!

The walk has been many things. Very interesting and a wonderful way to see small towns and meet all sorts of people. The group has shrunk and grown and some people moved from one group to the next. We had no one drop out completely.

Of course there have been a few disagreements. We were together for 24 days! Included in the mix, an Austrian smoker who just did not get that we did not want him smoking at the table! Thought I was totally unreasonable and what about smoker's rights etc, etc! He asked if I minded him smoking and when I said yes he got pissed off!

However some firm friendships were made. Different countries and different beliefs. Many interesting discussions.

Very memorable

And then Trieste.......lovely, small city......the sea port for the Austrian/Hungarian Emphire. Only ended up part of Italy after the First World War. Really should be part of Slovenia if you look at the map.

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