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Our morning gamedrive, starting at 6:15 am, opened with a little drama. Shaddy found a puku who had just given birth. She was licking and licking the little thing, and he was trying to stand on his wobbly legs. Close by were three warthogs that were starting to close in on the newborn puku. Shaddy said that they will eat a small, vulnerable animal if they can. The mama puku stomped at the warthogs, and the large one backed off. We couldn’t stay to watch what would unfold next, but we crossed our fingers.

From there we drove on and found three lions sleeping under a tree. Soon they were joined by a fourth, and there were three others spotted along nearby bushes. They must have fed very well, because they were not in a hurry to do anything.

When we came back to the river, we saw at least 30 giraffe crossing it. Shaddy told us this is the only place the giraffe do cross, because it is shallow and free of crocodiles. They were stepping very gingerly.

More birds we saw were Ground Hornbills and crowned cranes. There was a goshawk in the sky, and a kettle of circling Maribou storks overhead. On our way back to camp, we went to check on our puku. The mother was standing at alert, and we could see her sweet baby carefully protected inside some thick bushes. He will live another day.

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