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Day two of our adventure in Estes Park began with breakfast at the Big Horn restaurant.

Eddie ordered biscuits and gravy which sounded really good.

The cute young waitress asked him if he wanted the 1/2 order which was the norm, but Eddie suggested that he should have the full order.

The waitress raised her eyebrows and asked Eddie if he was sure.

He replied "Yes".

When his plate arrived I told him that the waitress used two hands just to carry it to the table.

It was a large oval plate piled high with biscuits & gravy, along with about a bushel of hash browns, also slathered with gravy and 2 sausage patties on top.

It appeared as if it might feed everyone in the restaurant, which was nearly filled at the time.

Poor Eddie ate and ate and ate some more, but still couldn't yet see the bottom of the plate.

Eddie said that he left more on the plate than he ate, but we all had a nice time and left quite pleased with the quality of the food.

We drove directly to the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Eddie purchased a "Senior Pass" card, which took only a couple of minutes, and we were on our way.

We drove to the Cub Lake trailhead to show our friends some of the park we have enjoyed a lot, and then continued on to the "Park and Ride" to catch the shuttle up to Bear Lake.

The bus was packed, with standing room only, but we were soon at Bear Lake.

We took some pictures at the Lake and then walked the trail to Alberta Falls.

Along the way we saw and photographed four Elk lying in the shade of the pine trees near the trail.

More pictures were taken once we reached the Falls, which were quite beautiful.

By the time we hiked back to the trailhead, we were a bit tired and ready for some relaxation.

I drove to a parking area in town and we all walked some more, along the river, all the way to the shopping center, where we all enjoyed a fruit smoothie. Those were delicious and refreshing, allowing us all to have enough energy to walk back to the truck, with a little shopping along the way to make the ladies feel better.

Back at the resort we sat together at the table on our patio for a bit, then rested up for dinner.

We shared our dinner at a nice restaurant called the "Dunraven", then drove into town once again to fuel the truck for tomorrow, and allow our lovely brides to return to a store they had visited earlier.

Marilyn had left her small purse when she left earlier in the day and they kept it locked up in the safe until she returned to retrieve it.

It must have been close to 7:00 PM by the time we arrived at our temporary home for a good night of sleep.

I'll get more pictures posted for you when we get back to Mountaindale.

Right now, I'll just call it a day.

We have enjoyed two wonderful days in the company of our friends, Eddie & Jan.

Life is Good!

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