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Day 2 began with a walk to the entrance early to beat the crowds of bus excursions. After my heavy fall yesterday I was feeling quite ill but given my travel companions passion for National parks and the environment, I persevered. It was very hard to keep my enthusiasm but I remained positive as there were two sections of the falls that we were yet to complete. We started from the very top of the lakes system and walked down the other side of the lakes to experience the different outlook. It was easier that early in the day and the train spewed out a load of walkers who immediately disappeared down one of the two paths. We had a very relaxed time observing more than photographing the scenery. Yesterday we obviously overdid the snapping. Any small stream of water would attract my attention and I'd simply press the shutter release. I also need to increase the number of drops from each of the lakes in turn to a total of sixteen from the very top to the River Kozjak below.

After an unhealthy lunch (junk food only available) we started out on the lower trails that led to the major waterfall, the Vecki Slap which was the major attention of the crowd who took every opportunity to record this natural wonder. Many of the water flows disappear into sink holes in the limestone surface and reappear further down the system.


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