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Marilyn, Eddie, and Bob joined me for coffee outdoors this morning. We saw many deer but they didn't get close enough to be invited for coffee.

The conversation was lively and entertaining as we discussed a variety of subjects.

Later in the morning, I decided to get the truck ready for our trip to Estes Park. Eddie jumped in to help as we washed and waxed the truck in about 20 minutes.

I continued the truck job by cleaning the interior and unloading the stuff (junk) from inside and from the truck bed.

I then decided to start the truck and take it for a short drive, since it had not been started for five or six weeks. (Time passes quickly around here)

I put the key in the ignition and turned it to start the truck, but heard nothing but a clicking sound.

My friend, Bob, came to the rescue once I sent him a text about the problem.

Of course I knew when I contacted Bob for help, that I would pay the consequences, and it didn't take him long to announce to the world on Facebook, that he and his Dodge truck had to go to the aid of a friend's Ford which wouldn't start.

The jumper cables did the job, even though they were connected to a Dodge on one end (shudder) and the old reliable Ford (click-click) on the other end.

Bob offered the jumper cables for us to take along on our little trip, but I declined, hoping I would not be sorry for that decision later.

I quickly deduced that I would much rather call Bob at 5:00 AM to bring the jumper cables, and be quick because we would now be a bit late. Tee Hee!

I allowed the truck to idle for 15 minutes or so and then took it for a run to Penrose and back. Now we are all ready to go tomorrow.

Well, we will be ready as soon as we load our clothing, snacks, (LOTS of snacks), drinks, (water, coffee, wine, etc), computers, cell phones, cameras, (along with all the chargers for those devices), binoculars, coolers, napkins, paper plates, knives, forks, glasses, and assorted survival gear. I think we have enough food for about a month, even if we get lost.

I'm sure there are at least half a dozen things I have forgotten, many of which we won't remember until we are well down the road.

Later this afternoon, Marilyn & I will join our friends, Jesse & Ginger, Eddie & Jan, and Chris & Gia, at Bob & Janet's place for home-made pizza cooked on Bob's Green Egg Grill.

That will be a treat for sure!

Marilyn may even take some pictures to share with you dear readers. If she does, I promise to try to get them posted for you before we head off for our adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Oh, Life is Good!

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