Bud and Susan's Alaska Trip 2015 travel blog

Today we left Little Big Horn and traveled along I-90 to Buffalo, Wy where we got on I-26 toward Denver. This was new road for us, since when we came west we came into Buffalo from South Dakota. So now we are headed south in I-26. This road runs through Casper, Wy which is big time oil country. It is also the home of Teapot Dome of FDR scandal fame. Also goes past the famous Hole in the Wall hideout. Very dry high plains with cattle and antelope. Unlike the wildlife in British Columbia, the wildlife in Wyoming reads the signs on the road. If it says antelope for 5 miles, you see antelope! We stopped in Sheridan to restock the pantry at a local Wal-Mart and then headed down to Glendo to stay at the Lakeside RV Park. The only problem is this campground is not located on a lake! As a matter of fact you can't really see the lake from the campground. Seems the State Park owns all the land around the lake. Makes you wonder why they decided to name it Lakeside RV Resort. We have learned on this trip that things are not always as advertised. The odometer on the RV turned 10,000 miles for the trip. Probably means that by the time we get home it will be over 13,000! Our country is big, but BC, the Yukon and Alaska are bigger! Tomorrow we should get to Estes Park. We are staying there until Saturday. Still having nice weather. Actually, quite warm for this time of the year and this location.

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