We had a nice drive to Wexford today..

Jerry is getting good with driving on the left side..

We saw a lot of sheep on the hills ...

It was a beautiful drive..

We stopped for fresh strawberries and strawberry jam..

We stopped for a great lunch in Ferns, Ireland..

Castle ruins in Ferns..

We drove through a lot of cool towns...

View of the sea...

Our cabin in the country..

Bird feeders set up for me..awesome..:-)

I love this garden area...

We have a huge yard to enjoy...



Love the kitchen...

A European Robin singing, he has a beautiful song..

Last one!

We loaded the car and left Dalkey early this morning. We drove about two hours to Wexford to our cabin in the woods. The drive was absolutely beautiful. We saw so many farms with sheep and cows high on the green grass hills. We drove though beautiful towns where we saw strawberries farms with strawberries for sale all along the roads. We stopped and got a great deal, a basket of strawberries, a huge jar of strawberry jam and Irish potatoes for 8 Euros. We had strawberries for dessert after dinner, they were delicious.

When we arrived at the cabin, our host, Leslie and David met us and showed us how to operate everything. I mentioned that I would love to buy some bird feeders and add to the huge back yard, they came over about an hour later and hooked up three feeders for me. They would not even let me pay for them. We hit the jackpot again with Airbnd. We can’t wait to explore this area, there are so many beaches right around us and the Hook Lighthouse is right around the corner. Check back later for more adventures in this wonderful part of Ireland.

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