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Monday, August 17th. France

It was a rainy, drizzly day when we left Geneva. We had to make a tough decision if we were going to be able to spend some descent time touring Spain. So we cut the whole Chamonix F. to Courmayeur I. area from our, to visit list and headed across country toward Bordeaux.

The weather forecast was going to make viewing mountains impossible anyway so the decision wasn’t that hard to make. Although it was only a 7 hour drive to the coast we decided to drive it in two days, spending one night on the road. After all what was the rush.

It was your typical cross country trip on the thruway – back to paying tolls.. We passed fields of cattle corn and droopy headed Sunflowers. Cattle were grazing in their pastures. We could see rolling hills in the distance and we passed through the occasional tunnel.

The fuel tank was down to ¼ so stopping for fuel was a given. When Bill pulled over into the truck stop we had to search for the pumps. There was quite a complicated roadway system to navigate: 2 round-a-bouts, pass the dog walk then play area, picnic areas, truck parking and then Oh yeh fuel pumps. We had to pass through the area twice to find them.

Oh no, there was no green pump, which indicated diesel. Bill traipsed inside to ask which one to use and then proceeded with confidence that it was the right one and filled the tank.

As we pulled out onto the highway we had an up-hill grade to drive. We hadn’t gone ¼ mile when the engine started to cough, choke then strangle. Fortunately, there was an emergency pull-off with a call box right where we needed it.

After making the call to whomever, it was a digital voice that asked the questions and after answering them she told us she would pass on the information.

We donned the emergency vests that were hidden in the vehicle then stepped away from our vehicle as instructed. Within 20 minutes a bright yellow emergency road side assistance vehicle pulled up behind us. He spoke no English. With three sets of hands and arms moving in the air (I do a good pantomime in any language) and me searching my translation book for the right words, then pointing to them, we were able to help him understand the problem. He pulled out his cell and made a call, then lit a cigarette and joined us in waiting for …….?

Another roadside assistance vehicle pulled up behind him. He spoke some English and informed Bill that we were waiting for a flat-bed to take the vehicle to a garage to fix the problem. Within an hour from the beginning of this fiasco, the RV was loaded and we were in the truck headed to the driver’s garage; he would have us on our way in no time.

He was true to his word.

We were both exhausted after this adventure and elected to just stay in the little, but nicely appointed town campground.

It was actually a lovely little campground set in a treed field with shrubs head high dividing the pitches. The washroom facilities although old were spotless – all for E10 including power!!

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