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We made an early start to the Plitvice Lakes NP as we have read that the crowds can build in the early morning and peak after lunch. I was totally unprepared for the schedule and how to choose from the many trails that can be walked. There are three entrances to the NP and Travel Advisor was full of different recommendations from its contributors. Due to its size and complexity the Park provides a number of pontoons and Buses which are called trains as they are articulated with three cars in each train.

At 8:30 am we caught the first boat from pontoon point P3 across a beautiful still blue expanse of water to another point (P2) where our trek would begin. This was chosen randomly by following the crowd in front of us. But it turned out to be ideal. We ended up covering the 10 km distance from the lower lakes up through the higher lakes system and then after a lunch break at one of the three stations we returned by train and then pontoon to our starting point. And we are going again tomorrow as we have a three day pass and now know the set out of the park.

It is very hard to describe the beauty of Plitvice Lakes NP in terms of the great number of waterfalls from a series of six levels of lake all the way down to the Kozjak River. I have taken much too many photos today, none of which will probably be shared. So I strongly recommend that you Google this site to see why many consider this site to be amongst the most famous in the world.

To conclude not everything went smoothly today. While we were walking along one of the elevated pathways above the lake, my expensive carbon filtered water bottle dislodged from my backpack as I leant over to allow someone past me on the narrow track. I watched in horror as it rolled down the vertical slope and was caught some two metres from the waters edge. I must say that I was encouraged to retrieve the bottle although I could see that this could end in tears and it did. I slipped badly when I piece of quartz rock dislodged and my upper arm was grazed and my shoulder bruised. Getting back to the upper trail with an audience of onlookers is quite cruel. Well better fortune tomorrow.

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