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We spent the morning in Split visiting the food markets and breakfasting before collecting our rental car opposite the Diocletian's Palace on the Riva (waterfront). To our surprise it was a B class Mercedes sedan and of course with the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car. It was with some trepidation (mainly from the passenger) that I gingerly reversed out from the parking space and then onto the Croatian streets for the first time. It wasn't that easy. There was no obvious gear stick or foot brake and when the car stops it feels like it has stalled (bloody Germans I thought). This is the last thing you'd want with a mass of Croatian drivers in their cars approaching at great speed from the rear. It turned out that the gears are on the window washer blinker arm and of course driving on the wrong side of the road my passenger had many moments of fear as I (unknowingly)closely avoided kerb side obstacles. But Google Maps were of great assistance and the arrow on the electronic map got us to Trogir within 30 minutes.

Trogir is similar to Split it many ways with its Riva with restaurants and shops which are many souvenir shops. There must be enough men's and ladies hats on sale (each of similar design and mostly made in China)to supply all of the world's poor.

Our lovely BnB is just off the waterfront opposite the Old Town and is only three minutes away over a 160 metre road and pedestrian bridge joining the island to the mainland.

Trogir is a very small town set within medieval walls and its streets are like Venice with knotted and maze like passages. It has an unusually high number of eateries in the main square and other areas that must mainly close in the non touristy winter season. There is a large shipbuilding complex across the river which must be busy given the tens of thousand of boats harboured along the Dalmatian coast.

We took a private tour of the Trogir Old Town with a guide who was only a few years younger than the city itself. I jest of course but it was such a boring experience that both of us began to feel quite ill during the tour and after our first tiring week in Croatia. I meant to feign illness after twenty long minutes but in the end it was real and we asked the old gentleman guide to release us from the agony. After our wonderful city tour experience with the Split guide (Professor Nikolas) the previous day, it was a very poor contrast. But what I can say is that Trogir is unique for its Romanesque and Renaissance architecture which flourished under the Venetian rule. Croatia has been ruled by some many countries over the decades that it is hard to keep up with them all.

We are enjoying the beautiful Croatian food and dining out continually. Seafood is exquisite and cheap although the falling Australian dollar is having an impact. Belgium will really test our currency exchange. The Kuna (HRK)is used throughout the country with Euro mentioned mainly as a comparison for travellers. This confirms the intention of the country to keep its identity throughout the periods of hostilities with the retention of its local currency.

Well its is 3 AM over here and I jumped out of bed to start to catch up on my travel log. We have been having so much fun and wonderful experiences that the days end without me completing this record.

We are travelling to Zadar today via the Krka National Park where we will spend the majority of the day. After that is a three day stay at Plitvice Lakes National Park where I am really hoping to complete the backlog of writing. And to edit the hundreds of photos that we have both amassed. Love to you all.

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