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Etty Bay

Happy hour

Jam session with the neighbours

our site

Richard & cassowary

Sky divers landing on beach

the beach

through our annex

view from our site

When we booked this site we knew it would be difficult to get into but we didn't bargain for cars being parked opposite it. Because of them we couldn't get the car straightened to push the van back straight so had to make a few back and forth to get in. The site gas a gazebo over it with a big pole in the middle and each side. Consequently, we had about 6" clearance each side of the van. Also because of the pitched roof over the top we cannot get the TV antenna up properly and so thought we would get no TV. Most people are having trouble getting TV anyway. This site actually has a cable and we thought we could connect it but it is broken. Anyway Richard put out antenna up a bit and tried the TV and, voila, we get most channels (through the set top box) and especially Gem which we need for Thursday and Friday for the footy! Anyway we are so well set up now and our view is spectacular (I'm sitting here looking across the beach to some rocks and the ocean) that we went to see if we could extend our stay. So, we are now here for 5 nights instead of 2.

I have taken, probably a hundred odd photos today of the cassowary who keeps wandering by. We joined with a group who are staying for weeks, at happy hour and one chap was cutting up a gramma (2 of us recognised it as such, the others thought it was pumpkin) and handing it around. One lady headed off to her van with hers and the cassowary saw her and chased her trying to get the gramma. They love fruit and we have been told to keep fruit out of their sight or drop it if challenged!

Thursday, 13th

We have just had breakfast sitting here enjoying our million dollar view, and some sky divers just dropped in 30m across on the sand. It startled me a bit to suddenly see this huge shape hurtle down in front of the van when I hadn't even heard a plane. Yesterday there were two lots of skydivers when we were on the beach but we heard the planes then.

There were also two lots of school excursions here yesterday. One lot were young, maybe grade 3 / 4 from the RC school in Innisfail and the other a High School group on a science/biology excursion from Cairns.

Happy Hour ass good again tonight with the semi-locals and a couple of other short stayers.

Friday, 14th

Richard tried out his snorkelling gear this morning. Yesterday he actually had a bit of surf but today it is pretty flat again. After that we went into Innisfail to shop. We had begun to run out of many things; fruit, veges, meat, wine. I also tried to send the grandkids a text message with a photo of a cassowary but could not get it to send for some reason. Out here there is no phone or internet reception so I thought I'd do it while in town but without success. At the moment I'm sitting outside the van enjoying the view of the ocean and the cassowary is wandering past. He's been past 3 times while I've been sitting here. It's nearly time for Happy Hour now so I'd best pour a glass of one of those new wines I bought and shuffle on down there. It's a tough life on the road but someone has to do it!

Saturday, 15th

Last night our TV started to pixelate during the first half of the Broncos game so at half time we went down to the cafe to join some of the guys who were watching the game there since they don't get TV reception at the sites. The Broncos were awesome accounting for Saints so we didn't want to miss any of it!

After buying a pile of new meat yesterday I had to get it all cryovaced this morning after a walk around the park and along the beach. We were about to have lunch at 12:30, when I got everything out ready only to find that Richard had disappeared next door where Ron had his guitar out. It is now 2:45 and although I had lunch ages ago and have now had afternoon tea and another walk Richard still hasn't had lunch! He and 2 other guys, Ron and John, have been having a jam session all this time and don't look like stopping soon. A 4th one, Barry, left to go to the races but will probably be back. Richard is now using his guitar since he didn't bring his own. It takes up too much room to carry in the van.

The cassowary just wandered through here again. I don't know how many photos of him I've taken. The beach is very busy today with weekend visitors. This morning, early, some outriggers set out accompanied by a single and double one also. I didn't rush to get a photo, thinking I'd get one when they returned but they haven't and I think they must have gone to Innisfail and been picked up there. There are some small waves again today and Richard has been for a swim again. He didn't expect to get anything like a surf up here. The main problem with the weekend is that cars park across the road from our van and spoil our view of the beach. It's still great though. I think this has to be one of the best places we have stayed. Happy Hour had to move up just in front of our van tonight as some day visitors were using the usual spot.

Sunday, 16th

We had to go back into Innisfail this morning for church at St Alban's Anglican Church. It was an interactive family service taken by two ladies as the priest was on holidays and there were quite a number of little kids, a lot of them Islander, and it was certainly interactive. There were kids running all over the place, including the sanctuary and during the sermon time they were doing craft at the side in quite a small church building, so the noise level was pretty high. Still it was good to see kids at church. In a lot of places we've been there have been none - only oldies.

Northern Pride are playing Redcliffe in the Qld League here in Innisfail today and if we'd been staying in any ordinary CP we'd like to have gone but didn't want to miss our last afternoon here in paradise. We've had a couple of heavy showers this morning but fortunately the shadecloth cover over our site is waterproof as we can't put out awning out because there is a big pole in the way.

The cassowary was around again earlier and I see people with cameras on the beach now so he must be there again now. As soon as he appears the cameras come out. Not many people who come here to see them are disappointed. We met a farming family from the Darling Downs one day. They had called in on their way past to let their 3 young sons have a swim and hopefully see a cassowary but couldn't stay long as they had to be in Townsville that night. They were disappointed he wasn't around and took the boys to get dressed and he turned up just as they were about to leave, so they were happy.

We had a final Happy Hour with the gang. It's been like moving to a new town and meeting the locals who have been very welcoming. It's made our time here even more enjoyable having these chats each night and then they have overflowed into the days when we have seen the people around, especially the two couple either side of us, Barbara and Arthur from Forster and Britt and Ron from Mount Isa.

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