View of the Grand Canal in Dublin from the train..


When we left the train the first street we saw...

Our new friend, Debbie. She rode with us to the Hop on...

The tour begins, we rode on the top..

Another cool way to tour the city..

Views of the city to follow...

Beautiful Georgian buildings, the windows are larger at the bottom and get...

Another Georgian beauty..

Our guide said the doors were painted to make sure the husbands...

Views around town below..













The streets were all packed.....


Lots of sidewalk cafes and pubs..




We had lunch at Beshoff Bros on the right...

We had great fried shrimp with fish and chips..

Waiting for the next bus, they come every 10 minutes..

Another cool way to tour Dublin..

View from the top of the bus..

Beautiful parks all around town..

St. Patrick's Cathedral was fabulous..




Next stop was the Guinness Store, it goes for acres...

The line to the tour was around the block, we passed.. :-)




Lots of great museums..

The prison tour was very popular too..




Beautiful flowers all over town..

My favorite part of Dublin was the canal area..

Lots of great shopping and restaurants..




Dublin is a beautiful city, we enjoyed it much..

We loved the tour and would highly recommend..

Walking back to the trolley..


Last one, back home with our cozy fireplace burning a peat log.....

We had a really fun and busy day, we took the taxi to the train station in Dalkey and the train to Dublin. Once at the train station in Dublin, we boarded another transport vehicle that looks like a subway, but it’s above ground. I told Jerry we took every kind of transportation today other than a boat. :-)

We met a lady at the train station that showed us the way to the Hop on Hop off Dublin Tour. We asked her where to get on the bus and she said she would show us. Boy, she definitely went the extra mile, she got on the trolley with us and took us there.

We are finding the people of Ireland to be extra nice and friendly, they go all out to help. The grocery store owner in Dalkey calls the taxi for us to go back to the apartment and has him waiting when we finish shopping. We will be getting our car for the next part of Ireland, but the nice people here have definitely made our trip even more enjoyable.

We had a wonderful visit in Dublin visiting all the famous places. I am adding a list of the main places we saw on the tour below. I grabbed as many pictures as I could though the dirty glass windows, please pardon the dirt and glares. We took the red route today, see below:


Stop 1 - 14 Upper OConnell Street

Stop 2 - Trinity College

Stop 3 - Nassau Street

Stop 4 - Leinster Street

Stop 5 - National Art Gallery

Stop 6 - Merrion Square No. 29

Stop 7 - St. Stephens Green

Stop 8 - Tourism Centre, Suffolk St

Stop 9 - Dame Street

Stop 10 - Dame Street (Walking Tour)

Stop 11 - Christ Church Cathedral, Dublinia

Stop 12 - St. Patrick's Cathedral

Stop 13 - High Street

Stop 14 - Guinness Storehouse

Stop 15 - Royal Hospital Kilmainham

Stop 16 - Kilmainham Gaol

Stop 17 - Heuston Station

Stop 18 - Parkgate Street

Stop 19 - Phoenix Park Dublin Zoo

Stop 20 - National Museum - Decorative Arts & History

Stop 21 - St. Michan’s Crypt

Stop 22 - Bachelors Walk

Stop 23 - Parnell Square Writers Museum

When we got home from the tour, we started a nice fire with the peat logs left for us in the apartment. It was a another wonderful day in Ireland, check back later for more.

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