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Today we were awoken (or at least I was) by the movement of the boat. I guess Siteris hates Athens so he wanted to get out as quickly as we could. Having visited the islands, I can see where this comes from. Athens is just too crowded and too hot to spend too much time there. Today we did a 20 nautical mile sail for about 3.5 hours. For you sailors, the waves and wind were about 7/8. For you non-sailors, the waves were pretty big, you would go up one side and down the other and then again. It's kinda like a rollar coaster, the waves got to be about 10 feet high and we were doing on average about 10 knots. Ian and I had a great time, but we did get very wet. We docked in port on an island called Kythnos in a town called Loutra. Not much to do there, so we all rented scooters and went across the island to Merihas. Ian and I went to the beach and had some appys and then headed back to the boat. Everyone else caught up with us later and we all chatted for a bit and went to bed early. We all tried having showers at this little place that said "Showers Open", but everytime we went in they said "No showers". So maybe next port.

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