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The old Post Office

We leave the city of Ishpeming Michigan following the sun to the west. The road cuts its way thru the forest westward with miles and miles of splendid beauty of our land as it was in years past. Very few little towns but several trails to leave the main road to take in the trees and lakes. This is a beautiful sight for any person to see. As you drive thru the little town of Champion, L’Anse and Baraga, it just amazing what people do for a living up here? Maybe that is why the populations of these town are so few, that and the winters. We have about a two hour drive before we will reach our destination. We will complete this journey about four miles south of Mass City, Michigan, population 573, out where your closest neighbors are two miles away. Mass City was first settled in 1848 by Noel Johnson, an escaped slave from Missouri who discovered copper in the area; Johnson later sold the copper deposits to the Mass Mining Company

We did arrive without any issues as for road or our transportation. Today is another unseasonable hot day here in the UP, but it has brought out the flies. The home that Mark and Darc have was once the Post Office for this area. They have done improvements and even have a sauna building in the backyard. As you see what the house/Post Office was back in the 30’s.

Mark got home around 8 pm after his drive from the oil fields in North Dakota, it is about a 17 hour drive one way. We sat around talking and it is time to end this day.

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