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WARNING. This is a very long introduction but I include it as I am sure that it will frame our trip and it shows how any misfortune can be transformed in either a positive or negative outcome depending on your attitude. In short, just think of the result that you want and not how to make it happen. And don’t panic.

I know that I am a very careful person but on the train from Maitland to Sydney International airport I lost my new iPhone 6. It slipped out of the side pocket of my rain jacket but I just couldn’t find it. MW was in another carriage and I had just finished texting her to see if she had made the train connection at her stop. So where was that iPhone? No search of the adjoining area of my seat would locate it.

There was an empty guard compartment between our two carriages and MW refused to move her luggage to mine so with the result that we were both un-contactable. She wouldn’t be impressed as all the travel information had been plotted on to Google Maps as well as scanned copies of the airline tickets and the ferry trips within Croatia. So quite frankly, I was actually comfortable in this current non communication state at least for now.

I decided to seek help from the train guard who was at the end of the train so it was a difficult task just getting to his cabin. Although he was willing to help he was unable to leave his post.

The breakthrough came when I sought out MW in her carriage and she calmly asked me what we should expect from this seemingly impossible situation. After some thought she mentioned the fact that Apple iPhone has a facility called "Find my phone" and without further hesitation she phoned her resident computer guru and Apple expert in Sydney for assistance. After giving him my iTunes Apple ID he located the phone as being along the train line and asked her whether he should ‘ping‘ it as if it was stolen, it would alert the potential thief on the train and immediately be turned off. MW told him that I had just returned to my carriage and to ping. Well, my whole carriage came alive to this high pitched ping and it was located just behind my seat and under a bag of the person sitting there. He was a seedy type of character and refused to cooperate and denied seeing it so I didn’t push the issue but gradually made my way back to the guard and asked him to notify the railway police to meet us at Central station.

When we arrived there was no sign of any officials of any kind and although I followed the suspect all of the way to Railway Square I saw no sign of police anywhere near the station. So after a brief chat to the suspect I returned to the carriage where the co passengers confirmed with jubilation that he had waited until most of the passengers had left and replaced the iPhone at the edge of my seat. What a relief.

Now to start the trip of a lifetime with renewed vigour. And with a hope that this good fortune will travel with us.

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