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Bikes are back in their cozy garage

Trying to get the cat to look at the camera

A nice suprise let from the Kumar's for Keith's cake day

Our cat became fuzzy again while we were gone!

Our haul from Osoyoos

Day 17 – Leah

Well here we are almost a week later, and I’m finally getting around to doing the blog for the last day. It’s sad to see the vacation over, so maybe that is a partial reason for the procrastination. So without any further excuses, here we go:

Sunday morning we actually managed to sleep in! We woke up around 8:45am, there was a crow-style and squirrel-style (all natural) alarm clock that had tried to wake us up earlier, but we managed to resist. I swear every other morning; it was a crow ca, caing right outside our tent that would wake us up. Also, I’ve been sleeping with a headband over my eyes so the light in the morning doesn’t wake me up, I had an extra bandana for Keith to use, so he also got to enjoy the isolation and it certainly helped us get the extra sleep time. We had decided that we’d had enough oatmeal in the last while, so instead of having breakfast in camp, we had a coffee and packed up and headed into Rocky Mountain House to find a restaurant. Due to the new technology of the communicators that Keith and I have on our helmets, I now have speakers in my helmet and I can stream music from my phone. Biking has always been about solitude and the open air for me, but I must admit having the music (particularly for the boring Alberta roads) was really exciting! The music can keep you motivated when the day has been too long, or it can be calming and put you completely at peace. I’m not normally one to promote unnecessary technology, but in this case I will make an exception. My bike is very simple, it doesn’t even have a gas gauge or a tachometer. Keith’s on the other hand, has all the bells and whistles. He has a stereo, gas gauge, tach, cruise control, door opener for our garage, oil pressure and every other little gadget that Harley Davidson (or Keith) could dream up. So it was with music blasting that we were on the road for the final leg of our journey.

By the time we got into Rocky Mountain House it was almost lunchtime, so we ordered lunch, slammed back another coffee and headed North on Highway 22. Typically on the Alberta highways as we are passing the canola fields, I will sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. This year, either we are travelling after the canola has pollinated, or else maybe I’m lucky enough to be getting out of the allergies. I have been in Alberta for 15 years now, it’s high-time that I wasn’t allergic to it anymore! It was great to have full use of my nose as we rode, so of the crops have a sweet smell to them, others we freshly cut hay fields and only a few with the stick of manure or fertilizer. We tried to keep an eye on the mountains as they faded away in our mirrors. It is always sad to see them go.

We made it home just after 2pm, and were instantly greeted by a very needy, lonely cat. Mazy was incredibly friendly and loveable for the first three days that we were home, but don’t worry; she is back to her normal, aloof self now. We said hello to Julie, Prash and Ranak, and then Julie took pity on us weary travelers and invited us for dinner. It was great to have a healthy meal because all we had planned for was ordering pizza. We have made the difficult transition back to work now and have already started tossing around ideas for our next bike trip. All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!


What a fantastic trip, today was a far cry from the weather we hit last year on our final leg home. I’ve once again completed some numbers for anyone that is into that kind of stuff and also provided some links to the map of our trip.

Thanks for reading our trip blog!

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3

Leg 4

Distance traveled – 4629 km

Days on the road – 17

Shortest travel day – 120 km

Longest travel day – 570 km

Fuel used – Approximately 450 L of fuel

Fuel stops – 25

National parks visited – 3

Provincial parks visited – 5

Days camping – 8

Ferry trips – 1

Stopped by construction – 1

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