Our European Trip - 2005 travel blog

Lyon Station

Copper Sculpture outside Station at Lyon

Celebrity Cruise Ship from our Balcony

View from our Balcony

Another View from our Balcony

Cruise Ship at night

We were up early and walked up to the railway station where we waited for customs to open so we could board the train from Geneva to Lyon. Once on board we had a snack for breakfast as we had to leave before the hotel served it. The journey was uneventful, retracing part of the may we had travelled on Thursday. We got off at Part Dieu, Lyon and had almost three hours to wait on the TGV to Nice. The station is quite large and has a beautiful forecourt with an interesting copper sculpture. I read and Christine did craft work while we waited. The announcements at this station are preceded by a few notes from "Love and Marriage". I trust Rogers and Hammerstein (if that is who wrote it) or their heirs are receiving royalties for its use.

We encountered our first incidence of the complications of European rail travel where we had to be careful and board the correct coach, since the whole train was not going to Nice. Fortunately we had the help of English speaking railway staff. Christine read my paper while I put titles on yesterday's photos - all 74 of them. She came across the weather and pointed out it was 29 deg C in Nice yesterday. Things are heating up! When travelling on these fast trains you do not realize how fast you are going until you pass another train. The combined speed will be over 600 kph and it takes less than a second for them to pass.

We stopped at Avignon - it looked a nice city from the little we saw of it. The train slowed from its high speed and continued at regular speed. As it did on the way to Geneva, the last 50% of the journey took three times longer than the first 50%. We stopped at Marseilles and Cannes, as well as a few more places on our way here. We transferred from the TGV to a local train at Nice and got to Villefranche-sur-Mer a few minutes later. We had a lengthy walk in the heat for a taxi and the ride was short - but all up hill. We got settled into our room. The hotel is nice and well situated, but our room could do with being refurbished. We went out on the balcony and had a look around the bay. It is quite spectacular. We unpacked looked around the hotel then sat on the balcony and watched the boats ferrying the passengers from the cruise ship back and forth. We reflected that in just over four weeks we will be doing that in Santorini.

We had dinner in the hotel. It is a lovely dining room and a very tasty meal. As we ate the clouds we had seen earlier produced a spectacle of sound and light. The rain came on very heavily, but by the time we had finished eating, it was dry enough for us to walk round the pool and back to our room where we took one last photograph of the cruise ship.

We will let the weather dictate how we plan tomorrow, but after our experience in Geneva, we probably should forge ahead with what we had in mind, which is to walk around the town and beach and possibly explore Cap Jean Ferat where the Rothschild mansion is situated

Another leg of our journey was successfully completed today. So far we have not had any hitches in our transport or accommodation. The only serious delay was with the Eurostar to Paris and that did not disrupt our plans in any way.

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