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Norris Point



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Western Brook Pond


Western Brook Pond

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I have avoided taking a geology course because rocks are not very interesting, but if I could have taken one here, my reaction would be far different. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, because it is so significant geologically. The rocks here are part of an ancient ocean and were thrust up to form the northern end of the Appalachian Mountains when two tectonic plates collided. In one area the magma that is usually only found at the center of the earth was brought to the surface. More recently in geologic terms, glaciers carved this place into the spectacular landscape we saw here, sometimes between raindrops and shrouded by fog.

The premier spot to visit is Western Brook Pond, which was a fjord until the ocean end silted up the ocean end. To see the fjord, we had to hike about two kilometers through a peaty marsh that was covered with board walk in the wettest parts. Then we boarded a tour boat and sailed through water so clean and cold that hardly anything lives there. Occasionally we could see waterfalls that hit the remains of rock slides long before they came to the surface of the lake. The water that feeds the lake seeps through the rock and it takes fifteen years for the water to totally be replaced. When the water does arrive, it has been filtered by the rocks and crystal clear.

As we drove around we encountered some caribou, even though we were told that they stick to the mountain tops this time of year. These caribou looked like lost adolescents and they bounced from one side of the highway to another, tying up traffic big time. I loved their delicate little feet, complete with high heels.

There are a few small towns amidst the park and in this location they are so picturesque. However, we didn't get to do as much exploring as we could have. After the boat ride, the skies broke open once again and rain and fog hid the park.

In the evening we gathered in a pub for a show done by Anchors Away, the most polished and professional newfie music group we've heard thus far. We've been to so many performances, we've begun to learn the words of some of the songs and it was fun to pretend we were local and sing along. They solicited the audience to find out where we all were from and sang a song from every province and state mentioned. Impressive!

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