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Two of the German Federal Coppers I was staying with on the...

Great Falls on the Patomac River, Virginia.

War Memorial for all the wars the US has fought in.

One of Geoge Bush's Helicopters 'Marine One' flying off from the Whitehouse.

Arlington National Cemetery where JFK among others are burried.

JFK's gravesite.

Changing of the guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Memorial for the Astronauts of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

View of the Lincoln Memorial from the top of the hill at...

Vietnam War Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial.

Washington Monument.

Me feeding a friendly squirrel McDonalds.

Me outside the Whitehouse just before dinner with George.

Front of the Whitehouse.

A one man protest right outside the front of The Whitehouse guarded...

Inside the Air & Space Museum - One of the 7 Smithsonian...

Hi all,

I took the bus from NYC to Washington DC for $20 which was pretty good. I stayed with a German Federal Police woman named Britta who works at the German Embassy in Washington. I got in contact with her through a lady at my work. She lives with 3 others who are also working at the embassy.

The first night we went out to a couple of bars, one of which was an irish one which just so happened to be a celebration for the class of 2006 so there were 150 21 year old uni students there. I felt old.

The next day Britta took me to the Great Falls on the Patomac River. We then drove around Washington a bit seeing a few of the sights like the Pentagon, The Arlington National Cemetery (this was a big highlight) and the big US war memorial. Don't know what they call it. There's a photo there.

That night we stayed in and had a BBQ which was great. The weather was perfect and we just say outside drinking. They all spoke German most of the time when speaking to each other so it was interesting to try and work out what they were saying. I knew a few words. I know that Beer means beer.

Next day we went cycling around all the the monuments such as the Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln, Franklin and Roosevelt Memorials, Whitehouse and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing among others. It was a really good day and the best way to do it was by bike. All these sights are really close to each other and there isn't a great deal of parking. We also went to the Air and Space Museum which I found very interesting. This is one of the Smithsonian Musuems.

Britta was a great tour guide especially for someone who has only been living in the country for about 10 months. She knew quite a lot about everything.

That night we went out for sushi in town. I haven't had much sushi but it was the best that I've ever had. I have really been getting into sushi whilst I've been away. I think it's my new thing. After that we went to a pub called The Front Page. It was packed with people around my age who are apparently either interns or lawyers. So I was amongst friends. Thursday nights they sell a bucket of Coronas (6) for $12. Which is pretty damn good if you ask me. We had a couple of buckets and then went home.

Next morning I was to fly out to Bermuda. So after heading to the wrong airport (about 40 mins away from the right one) I managed to catch the right flight in time. I was a bit stressed out and over it by that stage so it was nice to get to Bermuda.

I had a really good time in Washington. It was a really interesting city with plenty to see and do. It was really clean and not to busy which was a nice change from NYC.



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