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Wave Rock

Surfing the Rock

Caravan Park in the trees from top of Wave Rock

Looking down golf fairway to Hyden from top of rock

John& Dot going to explore way down

Hippo's Yawn

Is this the orchid?

The Hyden characters

Mulka's Cave

The climb to The Humps

Wednesday 12 August 2015

A quiet night at Wave Rock, and quite mild. The sunny day did not appear, but there was no rain and the cloud cover did us a favour to make our walks very pleasant.

We set off after breakfast to tackle Wave Rock. The caravan park is right next to the rock, so not far to walk. After the first lot of photos, we tried our skills at wave surfing! Much laughter and some photo shoots, we moved on. We followed the conventional path and steps to climb to the top for a 360d. view of the area. Looked down over the caravan park and surrounding landscape, and down the golf fairway to Hyden. Time to head back down and Dot finds a sign saying "Caution, fatal fall". So she decides that IS the way down. Followed closely by John, and Mavis won't look. Half way down Dot calls out "It's a piece of cake, you can do it", so Don & I take off over the low fence too, and leave Gary & Mavis to go back the way we came. Needless to say, we have all survived the climb. A walk around the bottom of the rock follows to Hippo's Yawn, more photos and then we set off to try to find the orchids we've we told about. Well, we took some photos, but will never know if we actually found the orchids!

Back to the vans for lunch and then headed off in the cars to check out the local shops, and a drive to Hyden. Nothing to report from there, except for some scrap metal characters, which are very well done. Next stop was The Humps and Mulka's Cave. The cave came first, and we learnt that Mulka was not a very nice person. Then came the next climb up The Humps, some 70 metres, almost straight up over unpaved granite boulders. The view was well worth the effort, and then came the slow climb down. Already our legs are telling us what we have done today, and no doubt will still be complaining in the morning.

Back to the park ready to light our fire pit, only to find others had arrived and had already claimed the area! We opted to have our own "debrief" in the camp kitchen, and then for a restful night!

We covered 48 kms today, and tomorrow head for Albany. Have booked ahead, and have decided to spend five nights there to see as much as we can, and allow for those "fronts" which still seem to be coming across the SW corner.

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