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The trip through the Rockies to Watson lake was nothing other than spectacular. The heights were dizzying and the down hills were scary. All in all though the scenery was great and we made OK time. Lots of road construction and we spent miles in convoys behind "follow me" vehicles. Debi finally saw some wild life--Rock Sheep, buffalo--and they roam in the road--and a black bear with 2 cubs. The Rock sheep were right on the road, some of the shots of the buffalo were when they were only 10 feet away on the other side of the road, and the black bears were just off the highway.

Still on the Alaskan Highway and I now know that it was made for the RV trade. Little did those workers in the 40's know that what they were building was a recreational highway. Enjoy the pictures and I am sorry that pictures do not do justice to the beauty we experienced today.

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