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So I had my second day of classes today. Art history was first (although I did get to sleep in a little - class wasn't until 10:30m today). That seems like it will be good- they take us to all of the museums, churches, and galleries in Florence, so we get to actually SEE the artwork instead of just looking at slides all day. Oh, and you'll appreciate this, Dad- my teacher's nam is Paolo! After that I had international business. There are only ten people in my class, and my teacher is hilarious! He speaks only some English, and his thought process is all over the place, so he just sort of rambles on in half-sentences. It should be interesting come test time. Then I went straight to drawing again. This time there was no orientation, so it was a full two and a half hours, and agian, surprisingly frustrating. I think that will actually be my hardest class because we have tons of homework and we have to stand up the WHOLE time. But it will be worth it, because, as my teacher says, we will have a visual journal of our experiences in Italy.

After school, we all went to the Brithish Institute of Florence, where htey have one of the largest libraries in Italy. We all have access for the whole semester, so they wanted to show us where it was, give us a tour, and give us our library cards. Oh, and Velario (our landlord) brought us gelato, and we're all going out to dinner again tomorrow night.

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