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Andy from Washington DC

View point on the Kootenay Pass

Sad leaving the mountain parks behind

View from Abraham lake

more of the same view

I love my bike.

The boardwalk on the far side of Goldeye lake

During a spectacular day a Goldeye

Day 16 – Keith

Last night as Leah was typing up yesterdays report we noticed a fellow rider scouting the campground for a site. He showed up pretty late and the camp attendant Maurice informed us earlier that they were already full. As the rider looped around a lower section Leah and I decided to invite him to pitch his tent on our site. He pulled up and sounded so happy to not have to keep searching for a site. The riders name was Andy, he was a Lawyer from Washington DC. He just wrote the bar exam and was waiting to hear back. In the mean time he decided to quit his job in May and ride to Alaska to meet with family. It was also quite interesting to find out he was also writing a travel blog on his travels. andyacrossamerica.wordpress.com. I look forward to reading his travel blog.

We woke up around 7:30, both of us felt very well rested. We packed up the site the quickest so far and had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and we were on our way. The morning started out quite cool, Leah was quite happy she decided to wear her chaps. Fuelling up in Radium hot springs we were on our way up the pass. As we climbed the air steadily grew cooler. If Leah wasn’t happy she was wearing her chaps before I’m sure she is now. We stopped to get some pictures at one of the viewpoints and ran into a couple from Edmonton who was also at Toad Rock on their way home. They left the same day as us but only caught the 9:50 ferry. The scenery was spectacular on this section but alas the road surface was not. I hope the BC ministry of highways finds it in their budget to someday re-surface. We soon found ourselves on the descent down into the intersection of highway 93 and highway 1.

This whole trip we have tried to stay on the road less traveled, for the most part we have. Highway 1 was just a reminder of the hustle and bustle of everyday life (it also means that our journey is just about over).

Leah and I decided to head towards Banff to get a bite to eat. We were hoping to have a bite at one of our favourite restaurants in Banff, The Magpie and Stump. We walked up to discover that it would not open for at least 30 min so we began to look for other options. Leah pointed out a burger place just down the road so in we walked in. Wow what a find! Their menu had some pre assembled options or a build your own burger. I decided to build your own and Leah had this enormous hot dog with poutine on the side. Finishing our meal we headed back west to hit the Icefields parkway. Making a quick stop in Lake Louise for fuel we hit the park gate.

When we arrived at the park gate we, were first greeted by a nice lady that asked if we had a park pass. Without having to show her our pass she said I trust you and let us go. The road crews must have been busy, there was about 60 km of fresh smooth asphalt. After passing a few mobile pylons (RVs and trailers) we had clear sailing in front of us. This was until we hit the paving crews putting the second lift of asphalt on the road about 10 km from the Saskatchewan River Crossing.

Heading down highway 11 we soon stopped to check out the Thompson Creek campground. Seeing that it only had 5 people camping at it gave us hope that we would find a site at our destination at Goldeye Lake. We stopped at a few vistas over Abraham Lake to get some pictures and soon found our way to the campsite.

We did a quick lap of the campsite and found a great site close to the lake. We quickly set-up the tent and registered so we could go for a scoot our to Nordegg to pick up some beer and an Alberta fishing licence (Leah still wants to catch a fish).

After getting back to the site we both changed into something a little lighter as we were going to do the hike around the lake and maybe do some fishing. We found a few locations that we could cast from but had no luck and headed back to site for a well-deserved beer. We got back to site and I quickly got a fire going, something that was missing while we were in BC. After sitting around for a couple of hours and not being able to find hotdogs and buns in Nordegg we decided to choke down some of the backpacking meals we still had. They were not too bad. We are now siting by a fire relaxing on our final night of camping.

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