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Day 15 – Leah

Today we said goodbye to Toad Rock, it was starting to feel like a bit of a home away from home. We met some great people and had a great ride day yesterday and we really enjoyed all of the amenities that the campground had. I don’t mind going without a shower for a couple of days, but if it is a couple of days on the bikes – we just feel that much more need to shower. Not to mention having a toilet that flushes and fresh brewed coffee in the morning – those things I will take any day! We had set an alarm for 7am, as the second ferry sailing out of Balfour to Kootenay Bay was scheduled for 8:10am. I had a dream that we had slept in and Keith hadn’t been sleeping well early in the morning, so we both woke up around 6am instead. Due to our early awakening, we had extra time to pack up the camp and shower (woo hoo!) and then grab a quick breakfast at the ferry.

Keith has mentioned his quest to ride the best motorcycle roads in BC by now, I’m sure. All of this information is stemming from the Destination Highways book, and the road from the Kootenay Bay to Creston is rated as the number one highway according to that book. That road does not disappoint! The road has great character, from trees evenly spaced RIGHT BESIDE the road (on the shoulder – literally) to rock cliffs on one side of the road and the lake on the other. The evenly spaced trees really made me want to practice my serpentine, by the way. The shoulder was loose gravel so I managed to resist the urge. Due to the wonderful people working the ferry, all of the motorcycles were lined up together and we just happened to be the first in line and the first off of the ferry. We did not complain about being at the start of the pack. Keith set the pace, it wasn’t quite fast enough for one crotch-rocket, but everyone else seemed to stay comfortably behind us.

We had a quick and great lunch in Kimberly at Burrito Grill and made a few viewpoint stops and then found one of the last camping spots between Invermere and Radium. We have now set up at Dry Gulch Campground now, and have caught up on our blogs for the last couple of days. We scooted back down the road to Invermere to eat at The Black Forest Schnitzel Restaurant. We had a fabulous meal that was accompanied by a live accordion player. The restaurant was very busy and full as it is Friday night (we have zero concept of time or calendar lately) so we are now happy to be back at the quiet and peaceful campground for the evening.

Tomorrow the plan is to leave BC (with a tear in our eyes) and we will camp at Gold Eye Lake, just outside of Nordegg, AB. We most certainly will not have wifi or cell phone service there, but we will update our day when we are back home on Sunday. Until then, good night!

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