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We celebrated Elena's birthday at Eden’s Grill, our appetizer of meat filled...

Spicy meat on the inside.

View of highway 206 looking back toward Payson, AZ from atop the...

It sure feels good to get back on the road again.

Our campsite right after we arrived Thursday.

It looks like spring up here with a wide variety of wildflowers...








We met a couple hikers on the trail who were out picking...

We spend a lot of time out on our patio watching the...

We have this nice forest view from our patio and dining room...


Late afternoon sun shower.

White-breasted Nuthatch.

Very young robin.

Male Western bluebird.

Immature western bluebird.

Female western bluebird.

Red-backed junco

Red-backed junco

Immature Red-backed junco

Red-backed junco, immature with adult

Western gray squirrel.


Early one morning this elk came right past our campsite.


(Ron Writing) Last week Thursday we left WestWorld and drove northeast about 115 miles and up in elevation about 1 ¼ miles. We are boondocking at 7,750’ on the Mogollon Rim northeast of Payson, AZ. It’s a whole world away from the heat of the valley! Since we arrived the temperature has been in the high 60’s or low 70’s during the day and it gets down to about 50° at night. Just about perfect.

We’re on National Forest land in an area where there are designated sites but the only amenity is a fire ring. The sites are very large and widely spaced. It’s very quiet and about all we hear is the sounds of nature.

It’s monsoon season here too and since we’ve arrived we have had sunny mornings and then it gets more cloudy as the day progresses. We’ve had a couple thunder showers in the late afternoon. Saturday afternoon we had very heavy rain for about an hour. We had water running through our campsite but it didn’t create any problems.

Other than just enjoying the beautiful surroundings and cool comfortable weather we’ve enjoyed taking long walks and hikes in the area. We’re about a mile north of Woods Canyon Lake and there is a trail through the forest from where we are camped to the north end of the lake. We hiked over there yesterday and enjoyed a beautiful view of the lake. But I forgot to take the camera so can’t show you a photo.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy working on my to-do list that kept getting longer the past few months when it was too hot to work outdoors. Mostly just a lot of little maintenance and repair items. It’s fun to be outdoors doing this kind of work again.

The cell signal in this area is too weak to use the phone but we do manage to get a slow internet connection using the cell amplifier and outdoor cell antenna.

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