Danielle, Jay and Rocky's 2015 Summer Trip travel blog

Heading south on I-25 from Wyoming into Colorado. Checking out the rest...

Finally entering Colorado. Heading further south.

We're staying at this beautiful state park. What beautiful surroundings.

Heading to my brother's house in Central City. Going west on I-70...

Central City has a few casinos and...

A beautiful historic downtown.

They even have an opera house.

Lots of art in this beautiful historic building.

Love the way they display the art work.

My sister-in-law, Micki, is the president of the Gilpin County Art Association.

Robert Redford worked at this Boulder restaurant. Great food, hand painted cartoons...

Had a fun lunch with my brother, Joe and his wife, Micki.

A fun day at Antique Row. Great lunch at a new restaurant.

We bought Rocky a GIANT peanut butter biscuit. He loved it!

Took a tour of Cherokee Castle and Ranch.

Fabulous 10,000 square foot home completed in 1926.

Interesting outside and....

Beautiful gardens.

Our guide, John Lake, was the butler for the last owner for...

Unbelievable original art work all throughout the castle. What a collection!

The library had a beautiful view of the range, great books and...

The view from the top turret was something. On a clear day...

In the other direction, you can see Pike's Peak.

We were standing right at the top of this roof line overlooking...

On our way out, Jay was greeted by this elk.

Then we were off to the dog park with Rocky.

We took the wrong entrance and had to walk a few miles...

The creek where all the dogs were playing.

It didn't take Rocky long to get in the water and get...

The dogs were having so much fun playing with each other and...

We went to the Denver County Fair and found a unicorn! And...

A Weinermobile! And.....

A hot dog that looks awfully familiar!

Love county fairs. They have funny competitions. A Peeps Diorama??!!

And of course, some toys for the boys.... fast cars and slow...

They had a freak show..... very freaky!

And some beautiful animals. Fun fair!

The indoor rodeo ground was near the fair. The entry doors had...

Look what we found on our way home! The Purina factory.

We had fun in Denver and so did Rocky.

We left Douglas, WY after Rocky had a chance to play one more time in the dog park. Now he was tired for the 4 hour drive we had to the Denver area.

As we drove through Cheyenne, WY we reminisced about our stops there in the past. And I remembered a very inexpensive fuel stop..... boy, I really do remember very odd things on our trips. So we stopped there to top off the tank. And yes, we didn't pull off the fuel line this time.

As soon as we got outside of Denver we hit horrible traffic. It turns out that this is the theme of this area. Horrible traffic and unbelievably rude drivers! I couldn't believe how we got cut off. NOT a good thing to do with a heavy RV coming up behind you, as we can't stop quickly.

But we finally got to Cherry Creek State Park after lots of stop and goes. We've stayed here before and it's a beautiful park with great RV sites....lots of room and full hook ups. Rocky and I headed off for a walk while Jay set up and then I was off to get my hair done.

On Thursday, we left in the morning and headed up into the mountains on I-70 to Central City where my brother lives. What a climb up that mountain interstate and then the Casino Parkway....yes, the Casino Parkway. It turns out this road leads to the casinos in Central City and Black Hawk.

We found my brother's new home and got a great tour from my brother, Joe and his wife, Micki. After the home tour, we headed into downtown Central City. What an historic city. There was great architecture and some wonderful shops including the Gilpin County Arts Association Gallery. Micki is the president of the association, so we got a great personalized tour. They had some beautiful art work in all different styles and I bought a beautiful horse photo.

Afterwards, we headed for an hour ride down the mountain into Boulder for lunch. My brother suggested we eat at a great restaurant near the university campus called The Sink. The cartoon art work on the walls was really something. And Robert Redford even worked here many, many years ago. Fun lunch.

Our ride back to Central City took us through the meadows instead of the mountains. A beautiful drive both going and coming. And it was great to spend the day with Joe and Micki.

Since we sat in horrible traffic AGAIN coming and going yesterday through Denver, we decided to head into Denver on the light rail today from Aurora where we're staying. We spent a good part of the day at Antique Row. The light rail dropped us off about a mile from the shops, so we hoofed it down there and went to quite a few of the shops and had lunch at a great new restaurant that is just being raved about. It was a fun day out and about in Denver.

After coming home, we took Rocky to the dog park which is part of the state park where we're staying. When we were given directions on how to get there, we didn't realize that we were being guided to the furthest entrance. So before we even saw any dogs, we walked about 2 miles. Then, we heard some barking and Rocky was off to find some new friends, who were all swimming in the creek. Well, it wasn't long before he was joining them. What a great time he had. I'm sure we'll be back.

On Saturday morning, we got up early and headed south to the town of Sedalia, where we took a tour of the Cherokee Castle and Ranch. Then entry sign said "You have entered the realm of extraordinary" and boy were they right!

Our 1 1/2 hour tour, took us through this magnificent home which is more like a castle. It was built in 1926 and the second owner, Tweet Kimball, collected unbelievable art work that is all through the home. The views from inside and on the back terrace are magnificent including the range and even out to Pike's Peak.

Our tour guide, was the butler for 20 years until the death of Tweet in 1999, and he had some VERY interesting stories about Tweet and also the many parties and guests that came to the castle and ranch.

In the afternoon, we went to the dog park again, parking MUCH closer this. Just as the day before, Rocky had a ball playing in the creek with all his new doggie friends.

On Sunday, Jay went for a bike ride. Did you know there are 850 miles of bike trails in Denver? And they go right through where we're staying, so Jay can ride from where we are to all the way downtown Denver.

In the afternoon, we went to the Denver County Fair. Although it was small, it was a lot of run....and almost all of it was inside, which was great, since it was pretty warm. As we were coming out it started to rain and by the time we got back toward Aurora, it was thundering and lightening pretty hard. So no dog park today. But Rocky did put on his rain coat and so did Jay and they went for a walk.

We had a quiet evening at home and tomorrow we are off to Fort Collins, just a bit north of here.

Denver was fun and there's still lots more to do here. Guess we'll return some time, even if the traffic is horrible.

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