Michigan City East Pierhead. We did not walk the pier. It was...

The Old Michigan City Lighthouse


One of the bedrooms, furnished with antiques.

This is the strangest doll I have ever seen. The features on...

A beautiful organ in the sitting room.

In St. Joseph there is a lovely park by the pier. Lots...

A stainless steel sculpture dedicated to the sea!

The St. Joseph Inner Lighthouse is undergoing some restoration. That pier was...

This is the Outer Light.

And a picture of the two lights. There are only two lights...

Well, we came (we drove over 8,000 miles), we saw (109 lights) and we conquered (the 8 pages of Excel lists of lights to see). And we had a great time doing the list!

Along the way we had snow (just a little bit in Minnesota, while we were sleeping), high winds and big surf. We were invaded and swarmed by the hatching midges and lately sweltering in high humidity and heat. But we kept on the hunt for the next light.

We also had a great visit with my cherished friend from elementary school and her husband, Michele and George.

I also had the opportunity to go back home and see my old house and neighborhood and the light that I didn’t know existed when I lived on Grosse Ile.

And we had that great tour of Quicken Loans in Detroit. It gives me hope of a new renaissance for that city.

Finally, yesterday, we saw the last of the list. St. Joseph, MI pier head, which we passed on our way to Kalamazoo, and two in Michigan City, Indiana.

So the odyssey is complete. We are turning our noses south and ae heading back to Jefferson City. I hope you have enjoyed the blog and I thank you for following us on our journey and I hope that you will continue to check in on us every once in a while.

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