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Just checking his typography skills. Looks pretty impressive to me.

"That's pretty good etching skills sir, but maybe that line needs to...

Amazing model of a huge printing machine that can print 120,000 newspapers...

Vallorbes Caves - No photo can ever portray how amazing these caves...

One of the beautiful crystal clear lakes underground! Beautiful!

Our first day of rain. Lots of it! I think Blenheim will now be about the same temperature as what we were today. Good for climatising ourselves to winter....

So no to any trips up the top of mountains for today. But guess what? Perfect weather for seeing the Gutenberg museum that we have been planning to see since we were thinking of things to do in Fribourg way back in Blenheim.

This was a special day really. We experienced two wonderful local things to do. The museum which we went to late morning was fantastic. This was in the middle of Fribourg, and we really love this medieval city with all of it's rich history. This museum was actually a little gem. Firstly with a wonderful exhibition of old pictures, water colours, lithographs and other prints. Amazingly clever pictures showing what Fribourg has been like through the years from the 1700's onwards. The detail in the lithographs and prints are incredible considering they were etching the pictures into metal or wood.

We were going to take the children to a very nice inside swimming pool at Bern in the afternoon. The Quinten kids were all excited as they've been there before and loved it. But then we found out the price of this pool complex...... $35 each adult, $25 for children, for 3 hours max. (That's in Franc, not dollars actually). Wow. You can understand how we changed our plans very quickly, which didn't go down well with the children at all. They were promised a movie (which IS a treat for the Q. kids) and an icecream instead by Marina and Johanna chose to join them inside of us, as we decided to go to the caves at Vallorbes. The Quintens had told us so much about this beautiful area and they were definitely not overstating in their prase as we soon found out.

Rain and caves go well together so it didn't matter at all that it was a wet day today. It's only a short drive to Vallorbes, about 50 mins, a bit slower in the heavy rain though this afternoon. We were only a couple of minutes drive from the French border, and the area itself is all mountainous. Gorgeous scenery.

These caves are in a very pretty forested mountainous area - absolutely beautiful! Inside the mountain were the most amazing caves we've ever seen. In fact we think it was probably the most incredible thing we've seen so far on the trip! It was just one cave room through to another, with the finale being a huge cavern like a massive cathedral! No camera could ever portray the magnificence of these spaces and the beauty of the formations. No words can describe it either. Just incredible. This is definitely one of those times when you just have to say "You had to be there."

We dashed back home so that Pit and Marina could go out to their church prayer service for the evening and we could look after the kids for them. They had a great night and a real treat for them to go out by themselves. Probably the first and last time they'll be going to that prayer service together. It's so great to see them enjoying God's family and functioning well in the body of Christ.

Meanwhile the children were very sad without their parents, and I couldn't even read them a story as I can't read their French books. I felt sadly lacking, especially in my lego skills when I started playing lego with Silouane. In the meantime Maela was drawing pictures with Alex while he was working on a new logo for a client. Still, not the same as having mum and dad there aye. When Pit and Marina arrived home it was like they'd been away for a month to NZ! Such joy in the household! Hope our kids are like that when we get home.... :)

So I feel like I have well and truly inadequately described the wonderful things we've seen today. Words have escaped me. "Thankfully" you all say! A much shorter and sweeter journal entry then. Yay. I've taken a few photos of the beautiful bush areas, and Alex got a few of the caves, but they hardly do justice to the total picture.

What amazes me so much, is all this beauty that God has made and formed for His glory and doesn't need to be seen by anyone else as it's deep under mountains. But it's enough that it is there for His pleasure. So what a treat to have been able to see all this treasure, to rejoice in the works of God once again and give Him glory for the beauty He placed on earth.

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