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There are no photos for this entry because we were starting to get a little “crazy” about preparations for the family reunion in South Lake Tahoe.

This stop was intended to be in Virginia City, NV but there is only one rv park and the photos made it look like we would have to hire someone to back the trailer into a spot. So I revised the plan to stay in Dayton , 7 miles from Virginia City and 12 miles from Carson City. There were no pictures of the Dayton rv park but the spot was just as challenging. With help from the manager Tom got us situated and we were quite happy with the location.

We did journey to Virginia City and it was a good thing that we did not take the trailer up there. The road was narrow and had 270 degree curves. The whole town is perched on the hillside – some streets have that look of driving off the end of the world until you are at the top and can see that you are going to go straight down. We did stop in and see the oldest Catholic Church in Nevada. It was lovely with beautiful stained glass. The main street where all the tourists head is shop after shop of gifts/souvenirs – we skipped those and headed back down the hill.

Carson City is the capital of Nevada but it is a small city – not unlike Santa Fe. The state capitol building has a silver dome but there are so many trees around the building you cannot get a good photo. This was the place to deal with some oxygen tank issues because there would be none available for pick-up in South Lake Tahoe and Rio chewed some holes in the tube so Tom had to get some “stuff” to deter him.

Dayton is about 35 miles from Reno and that is where the Sims Club is located so we went there one day to buy the ingredients for the dinner we would be making for the 70 people attending the reunion. For those of you who know Tom’s cooking habits I was afraid he would decide to feed 200 and there would be no room to carry all the food. But he ‘restrained” himself and he was much relieved with that shopping done.

On the journey to Reno I decided to learn how to use the navigation on the phone. It was very helpful since the Sam’s Club is in a neighborhood. Tom finally asked me to “turn her off”. “Her” voice was annoying but I thought she was very helpful and I did not have to guide Tom :)

We were in Dayton for 3 nights and on Wednesday, July 22, we headed to South Lake Tahoe, CA for the Sullivan Family Reunion 2015.

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