Steve and Connie's Alaska Roadtrip 2015 travel blog

Steve and Hunter- last walk in Canada river

Hunter thinks he is now a water dog

We made it to Montana! By now we are looking as bedraggled as we feel, and much in need of a few spa days! Wildlife count went up – a coyote ran across the highway in front of us, and we saw mountain goats and wild turkeys along the way. A bald eagle had his/her road-side lunch disturbed as we drove by. The eagle flew right in front of us, just a few feet in front of the truck. Almost became road-kill, and that probably would have been almost as bad for us as for the bird. Luckily, we got a wonderful view of it, and it probably got back to its lunch later. We saw the moon tonight for the first time in more than a month. Most unusual sighting was a guy in BC driving a Conestoga wagon pulled by a team of horses.

The rain continues to follow us, but it is bringing cool weather with it. Not the best driving conditions, though, especially for mountain roads.

Kelowna was so beautiful I hated to leave and kept finding ways to stall. One of the stalling techniques was washing a load of laundry. But the next stop was far away, and we had to leave before some of the items were completely dry. We locked the camper down for travel, but I left damp laundry all over the inside of the cabin to finish drying while we traveled. We probably have been through Customs ten times since we left home, but THIS time they wanted to inspect the trailer. You guessed it – the agent was wandering around the inside while my unmentionables hung all over the place in the cabin. I consoled myself with the thought that he has probably seen worse, but I am not sure. If that wasn't bad enough, the instant we opened the cabin for him, we smelled vinegar. A bottle of balsamic vinegar had broken inside the pantry and the contents were also all over the cabin. First time that has ever happened to us, but of course it had to be this day, lol. Whoever said you draw more flies with honey than vinegar clearly did not try balsamic vinegar! What a mess, and the flies and bees were desperate to get to it! The agent didn't spend a lot of time with us after this discovery. I guess anyone who can't transport a small bottle of vinegar is an unlikely smuggler. We drove down the road a short distance and stopped at a rest stop by a river. Had to wash out the kitchen rug and clean the floor as well as we could with water from the river until we could get to a better water source. Finished the cleaning, left the rug out in the sun to dry while we ate lunch, and of course it started to rain. We couldn't have expected it to go any other way...

Added a couple of pix of a BC river near the US border. We have enjoyed walking the dog in these areas when we can find a safe (bear-free) one. This was Hunter's last Canadian water run.

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