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Columbia River bridge between Washington and Oregon

Reconstruction of Fort Clatsop

A huge rock rises from the Pacific surf

The Oregon coast

The view from our restaurant table

Walking the beach in Lincoln City

We were a half-mile into Oregon, still above the Columbia River, when the traffic came to a stop. One lane on the bridge was closed for construction. Who says states are lacking money for highway projects.

We entered Oregon at Astoria and turned toward the ocean. Our first stop was the Lewis and Clark national historical park-Fort Clatsop. Here a reconstruction depicts where the Lewis and Clark expedition spent the winter after arriving at the Pacific Ocean in late 1805. From the park the coastal highway turns south.

The Oregon coast is as beautiful as we have been told. The beaches are sandy and wide. The waves crash gently against the shore. In some places huge rock formations rise out of the surf. We walked on the beach at Lincoln City and Vivian tested the water. Now we know why no one was swimming. You could hold a polar bear plunge in July here.

At times the coastal highway turns inland for a few miles but you would think you were hundreds of miles from the ocean. Mountains, thick with fir trees, rise up less than five miles from the shore. In a matter of moments you drive from beach to farmland to mountains.

The two-lane highway twists and turns as it meanders south. The traffic was not heavy but still the going was slow as the motor home is not built like a race car. But with all the beauty there is to see, you don't want to hurry anyway.

We arrived at our campground by mid-afternoon. There is a casino in Lincoln City {surprise!} with a restaurant that overlooks the ocean so we went there for dinner to celebrate our 41st anniversary.

Distance traveled: 195 miles

Tomorrow: Central Oregon Coast

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