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Travel day. If you ever find yourself traveling through Okanagan Valley, BC, try to carve out a few extra days to be a tourist. This area grows lots of fruits, including peaches, cherries and apricots, has a huge beef industry, a thriving wine region, lots of corn, and beautiful flowers. It is like traveling through a giant Thanksgiving dinner, still on the vine. The air smells wonderful! It is on the drier side of the mountain but still has that lush feel that the wetter areas are known for. And it is SO beautiful!

We were almost to Kelowna when we came across a major highway issue. Still don't know if it was an accident or more construction, but it seemed to be a bad accident. Traffic was tied up so far back that we never saw the front of the line. The road was closed in both directions. Ended up detouring to get here another way. The detour required us to spend an extra hour or two on the road since we had to backtrack, but we saw a really beautiful area we would otherwise have missed.

The detour added to the delay we incurred because of a burned out rear lightbulb on the trailer. No brake lights or turn signals, so we were a hazard on the road. And of course it happened on a Sunday morning in small town Canada. We lost some time trying to find an open store to get that lightbulb, after finally determining the problem was not a fuse. Every day won't be sunshine and roses.

Tomorrow we should end our day back in the US. We will be in Montana for a couple of days. Enjoy your week!

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