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We had plans for some fun today.

Bob & Janet drove with Marilyn & I riding along, while Chris & Gia followed close behind.

We parked behind Jorge’s in Old Colorado City, and then walked to the park for the Farmer’s Market.

We walked around the market , and made purchases of new red potatoes, fresh green beans, several cheeses, and some fresh baked bread similar to what they serve at Macaroni Grill.

Bob & Janet and Chris & Gia also made some purchases, from the looks of the many heavily laden sacks hanging from their arms.

We then walked back to the cars where we put the food items in a cooler with ice packs we had brought along just for that purpose.

It was time for lunch!

We then walked in the back door of Jorge’s, were seated immediately, and the fun began.

The two designated drivers, Janet and Chris, ordered iced tea while the other four of us, Gia, Marilyn, Bob, and I, ordered the famous margaritas.

When I remarked how good the margaritas were, Bob reminded me that “Strong” is not the same as “Good”.

Well, it is the same to me!! These were Good! (And Strong)

The food was also good, and the conversation and laughter flowed freely.

In fact we were having so much fun that we stayed long after the food was gone and the bill had been paid.

We did skip dessert, but made up for that error in judgment by walking a few doors down the street to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we made additional purchases, called Survival Rations, to last us until we made it home.

Janet drove since she was the iced tea drinker, but the other three of us made her task a bit easier by giving her directions, all at once and all different, making sure that none agreed with the GPS, which constantly joined in with shouts of “Re-Calculating“.

With less than ten or twelve calming screams and shouts of “Watch out for that car!” we made it back to the resort.

By that time, the three margarita drinkers were ready for naps, while I think Janet was now ready for her own margarita.

It was a fun day for sure and now we are relaxing in the comfort of our recliners.

Life is Good!

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