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Le Port Cafe, Fribourg. Set in a recycling centre, and a hidden...

Walking through the streets of Fribourg to the swimming pool beside the...

Fun in the water! Looks like two against one!

Overhead view of the pool. We're in there somewhere swimming. Alex was...

Yay. Got her to smile. There's lots to smile about mind you!

A pleasant and hot afternoon in Fribourg.....

Pieter took a day off work today so he could be with us on our last day with them for over a week. Tomorrow we head away by ourselves to Italy so it was great he could get the day off work. We had a relaxing morning, catching up over breakfast and enjoying not rushing anywhere. Pit, Alex and the younger kids took the bikes down to the local hardware store and ended up being away several hours, as they biked there and back through the forest. They didn't manage to find what they wanted and the kids were exhausted when they came home! In the meantime Marina and I read, talked and had a quiet time and Johanna got herself up and about ready for the day.

We headed out all together for lunch in Fribourg to a favourite spot of the Quintens (favourite beacuse they've been there once and liked it). It's a cafe that doesn't look like anything at all from the road. Looks like a wasteland actually and it had been a recycling centre. So from the road you can't see that there actually is a cafe there. But round the back, beside the Sarine river is a very alternative (Nelson looking) cafe. We really liked it a lot! Planters abounded everywhere all filled with vegies and flowers and all the cutlery, plates, tables and chairs had come from the recyling centre so it was very trendy and not at all like a tourist destination.... thankfully...... we've seen enough of those this week! They didn't actually have a menu to look at - they just have the special of the day, which luckily for us was canard (duck). So Alex and I shared a meal and we all ate the delicious duck. They do meals very different over here - the two times that we've been out here in Switzerland with the Quintens they give you a plate of salad first as an entree, (no extra cost) then your main plate. Also they usually always serve some bread as a courtesy as well before the meal. The meals were yummy and we had such a lovely (hot!!! - this was a very hot day today) time together under the trees. There was plenty of things for the children to do - a big huge planter box filled with comic books, a sandpit, and an area with big building blocks to create things. So it was great.

What better thing to do in the heat than swim aye? So off we walked to the pool which was only 100m along the river a bit further, over the bridge and there was a pretty looking pool sitting right beside the river which in Fribourg sits in a rather large gorge. The town itself sits on top of the gorge, and comes right down the cliff faces down beside the river. It's a really interesting looking town! Love it! So far the outside swimming pools we've been to have all had lots of green grass for everyone to sit out on and enjoy the day, and with such a hot day and so many people there it was hard to find a spot that was in the shade. Eventually a storm came rolling overhead which was quite a relief, but it blew over pretty quickly so that by the time we got back home it was back to sunshine and heat again.... incredible! The swim was so refreshing, we spent a long time in the water until it was time to come back home again for a pancake and salad tea.

Alex and Pit have been getting the car ready, oil change etc for the long trip tomorrow into Italy. We'll miss our friends a lot - but are looking forward to experiencing a bit of Italian culture next - should be fun. I guess you'll hear all about it tomorrow or the next day as we've no wifi in the house we've hired so will have to wait until we're sitting at a cafe in the little village that has wifi to be able to do this. I guess it also means Alex won't be able to work so much too. It's been good so far that he has been able to catch up on the urgent jobs that have been still rolling in, and we are so thankful to the Lord for HIs provision both in supplying some work and that Al has been able to still do it while we're away. And thank you for your prayers for our safety. We have been so prayerful about all our trips as the driving here is so different to home, and so thankful for God's protection and His presence in going before us.

So to Italy!.....

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