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A small river crossing.

La Route du Sel bar/restaurant on the Loire.

Troy & Dylan by the Loire in Le Thouriel.

Le Tasting Room

Today's ride is called 'Le Tasting Room'. Total kms: 51

A very hot sunny day. Temperature was about 36C.

A very pretty ride today. We still rode in amongst the wheat, sunflowers & maize. There were also fields of onions. We had a number of river crossings - over both l'Authion Rivière & La Loire.

We rode through some larger towns - Vernoil & Vernantes in the morning. We stopped in Vernantes at a boulangerie to pick up some lunch - jambon (ham) baguette &, of course, a couple of pastries. Then it was on to Blou & l'Authion Rivière.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the banks of the River with Mike & Teresa and enjoyed some plums growing on a nearby tree.

Onwards to the Loire after lunch. We skimmed around some large towns again - Les Rosiers-sur-Loire and Gennes. Only just 1pm and not expected at 'Le Tasting Room' until after 3pm, we headed to Le Thouriel. It's right on the bank of the Loire. It had some beautiful buildings and a couple of bar/restaurants. We caught up with Sally, Suzanne, Peter & Lesley here. We were all biding time before our food & wine experience. Troy & I tried a local beer which had a distinctly ashy taste - it kind of grew on you.

The 9 of us then headed up to 'Le Tasting Room'. Our afternoon was spent learning about wine making in the Loire Valley. Tasting/drinking some of the local wines and eating some really delicious food. Poor D was not so impressed by the experience. He didn't want to taste the wines. He did have some apple juice and some strawberry juice.

We were driven back to our accommodation by Alison & John from Loirelife - well planned after the wine experience.

Hot and tired it was time for the pool when we got back. Followed by a very relaxed evening, mostly sitting around drinking tea, coffee or hot chocolate with everyone.

Another day of no Yellow VW's.

10 tractors!

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