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I once heard a comedian describe the difference between “Success” and “Happiness”.

He said that “Success is getting what you want.”

“Happiness is wanting what you get”.

I agree with that and was pondering today, if I could be anywhere other than here, where would I like to be.

I finally decided that I am happy to be right here in the mountains of Colorado.

Contentment is a fine thing for sure!

When you have people who love you, and are content with your circumstance in life, then the mantra I like to use, that “Life is Good” becomes a truth in reality.

Our day today was pretty much like the others.

We awoke to another awesome day with clear blue skies, crisp, cool temperatures, freshly brewed coffee, and my lovely bride to share the day with.

Bob walked over and we shared easy conversation about plans for another day.

Later in the day, Marilyn & I sat outdoors in the screened room, with our books.

When we went back inside, Marilyn fixed us a nice lunch.

After that it was difficult to keep my eyelids from slamming shut.

We did speak on the phone with our daughter and grandkids.

Our grandson, Colby, was anxious to tell us that he won first place in the Pass, Punt & Kick competition at Football Camp.

Congrats to our grandson!!

I did take the time to order a new electric pressure cooker for Marilyn and it will be here soon. She used to use a pressure cooker quite often but it was the old fashioned kind.

I’ll let you know how she likes the new one.

Ken dropped by and a plan to go fly his quad-copter was quickly formed but the thunder and wind forced us to wait for another day.

No matter, any day is a good day and in fact we are sure that Life is Good!

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