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This glacier is growing, but also calving the old ice

Same glacier, different view

Bear glacier from the bay

We haven't had Chamber of Commerce weather (that is promised starting the day after we leave) but it has been great here anyway. On Tuesday we explored the harborfront and downtown, then spent the rest of the day at the Alaska Sealife Center. They have wonderful exhibits of animals that live in the Alaska seas. No polar bears, but great seabird, sea lion, seal and fish exhibits. Also had a fun exhibit of each of the salmon stages, fresh water through salt water, and back.

Yesterday we took a 6-7 hour wildlife cruise in the Kenai Fjords National Park. We saw LOTS of humpback whales enjoying their day. They seemed happy to perform for cameras, not shy at all. Also saw otters, sea lions, porpoises, and several seabirds (including puffins, my favorite) in the wild while we were out. The cruise took us past several glaciers, and we were able to see one glacier calving. I recommend the wildlife center and the cruise to anyone coming the Seward.

Seward once was a major city in Alaska. But a 1964 earthquake (I have heard 9.2 on the Richter scale), and several major tsunamis that followed it, virtually wiped the town out. The freight harbor, railroads, primary businesses and many homes were destroyed by the quake, the huge tsunamis, or the fires that followed when so many oil tanks were ruptured. Until recently Seward was mile 0 for the Iditerod (sp?) sled race, but it has moved too. If it were not for the Fjords National Park, this surely would be the little town the world forgot, but it really is a cute little town. Wish we could stay a little longer.

Today we are planning to take a ranger led hike to one of the glaciers. It rained all night and is looking like it wants to rain again, so we may not get the tour. We plan to be there, but the ranger may cancel if it is pouring rain by then.

We took pix yesterday, but had to use the camera (Ipad too bulky for a rocking boat). Since I forgot the cable to connect camera to computer, may not get the whale pix posted for a little while. Will try to get glacier pix posted later today, (if the WiFi holds up), so check back.

We are missing our friends, but having a great time

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