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Mike & Marian picked us up shortly after 7:30 this morning, for the drive into Custer for Mass.

We really liked the church and were familiar with the music they used. The Priest was also very good. His Homily (Sermon) was as if he was having a conversation with each person in attendance.

After Mass we went a short distance to a restaurant which was also a bakery. It was called “Baker’s Bakery and Café.”

The food was very good and the bread for toast was home-made. Excellent!

Mike then drove us back to our cabin at Beaver Lake Campground.

We agreed to meet again in about an hour, but that gave us time to change clothing and relax for a bit.

When Mike & Marian picked us up for the drive to Custer State Park, they agreed to a stop at the stockade I wrote about a day or so ago.

Marilyn took some pictures which I will share with you dear readers.

After we explored the stockade we took off for the wildlife loop in Custer State Park.

We saw two buffalo from a distance, then a couple of deer, several pronghorn antelope, a couple of heron’s, and some burro’s, although the burros were some distance away.

We really wanted to see the buffalo up close, so that was our goal as we drove along the road.

Marian was recalling a prior trip here and mentioned a road where she & Mike had seen buffalo.

She suggested we stop at a visitor information facility, but Mike and I made a couple of remarks about a long, dusty ride on a gravel road, with no buffalo to be seen.

However, with a considerable amount of harassment from the back seat, he made a quick U-Turn and returned to the information place.

We parked the car and let the ladies out, and then moved the car to another parking spot. Tee Hee

Sure enough, when the ladies returned, they went directly to the car which now occupied the spot we had vacated.

That’ll teach ‘em!

We drove the gravel road and discovered a very large herd of buffalo, about 200 in number, just as predicted by the ladies.

Being completely and properly chastised, we allowed the ladies to verbally abuse us.

We do have pictures to share with you folks if I can get them posted.

We saw additional buffalo after that but noy in those huge numbers for sure.

Back in town we made a quick stop at the store, then ended up over at Mike & Marian’s for a cold drink, snacks, and the grilled burgers with all the fixing’s for dinner.

It is a complete understatement when I write that we hated to say so long to these good friends!

Thank you for everything dear friends.

We hope to see you soon.

It is because of friends like you that we can say with complete confidence, that Life is Good!

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