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Near Teklanika river campground

teklanika area

Toklat area

Toklat area

Today we took an 8 hour bus tour though the park and were rewarded with several wonderful animal sightings. We spotted grizzlies, caribou, Dahl sheep, moose, golden eagle, and most surprising, a wolf. There are so few wolf in the park they are not often spotted. Sorry, no animal pix. You will have to trust us. We didn't have telephoto lenses, and the wildlife refused to stand still and pose on the road. Not crazy about the bus idea, but you do what you have to do. And I must say, it was worth it.

We were within 40 miles of Mt McKinley, but it was shrouded in clouds. There is something here called the 30 percenters club. That is the small group of people who actually see the top of the mountain, because it is usually shrouded. We didn't get a tee-shirt. But, maybe tomorrow...

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