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Our day began early with showers and clean clothing.

We then drove over to Mike & Marian’s Site for coffee before beginning our day of fun in the Black Hills.

The four of us went for breakfast together and enjoyed a tasty meal of eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, served with coffee or tea.

After this fine meal we were set for the day.

Mike drove us out to a beautiful Lake called “Stockade Lake”, named for a stockade built here in 1864.

After the Custer expedition discovered gold in 1864, a group of prospectors arrived in the area in the winter, and built a stockade for protection from the Indians while they worked to find gold.

The US Cavalry forced the men to leave the Indian land about 8 months later but others returned in even greater numbers beginning in 1876.

The stockade has been rebuilt on the same site twice since that time.

We then enjoyed a tour of the area before returning home for a short time.

Mike & Marian picked us up and we left to explore.

We drove through part of Custer State Park and then the Iron Mountain Highway which twists and winds its way up and over a mountain, passing through several tunnels with a single lane for traffic.

We saw lots of really awesome scenery and then ended up at Mount Rushmore which Marilyn & I had not visited for 26 years.

We enjoyed that wonderful place as well and noticed that there were many improvements over the years.

From Mt Rushmore we continued on to the little tourist town of Keystone where we walked around and enjoyed some delicious ice cream.

We then drove back to the resort, passing by the Crazy Horse carving. Marilyn managed to snap a picture which I will share with you as soon as we get a decent wi-fi connection.

We had time for a little rest before Mike & Marian returned to pick us up again. This time we were off to dinner.

The Captain’s Table was the name of the restaurant I believe, and the meal ( At least mine) was quite good.

It was nearly 7:00 PM by the time we arrived back at the resort.

Mike & Marian invited us to their place for a cocktail but we elected to pass and just stay in for the evening.

Tomorrow our friends will pick us up for Mass and then we’ll get started on our day of adventure.

Life is Good!

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