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Buildings on permafrost start to lean

Old cabin in Dawson

Red Feather Saloon, Dawson

Card carrying Sourtoe champ

First impressions are not always the best. Turns out, Dawson is closer to Williamsburg VA than to Disney. Parcs Canada owns many of the remaining original buildings and is trying to restore them and and create interpretative programs for the public. And many of the "hippies" turn out to be adventure expedition guides.

Dawson is built on permafrost. Place a building on permafrost, it heats up and melts the permafrost, and the building eventually falls down. The parks service has to raise them off the ground before they restore them. I have a few photos I will try to share later (WiFi troubles again), so check back. The interpretative programs have been well done and fun with the possible exception of the cancan dancers at the casino. That one was just lame.

Tomorrow we head for Alaska via the Top of the World road. The day's trip starts very near where we are with a river crossing via mini-ferry (3 or 4 vehicles, tops). This is the part of the trip I have least looked forward to. I am sure the scenery will be fantastic, but the road is completely unpaved, narrow, and runs across the top of the mountains. Not recommended for anyone with brains. Buses, trucks, etc, have right of way. A wide variety of vehicles seems to survive the trip, even motorcycles, so we are prepared to try. Advisories go out that you should not take the road after heavy rains due to potential for getting stuck in the mud. It just started to rain, so here's hoping it won't be heavy.

Next stop, Alaska. Be well, friends.

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