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I love these mountain mornings because of the clear skies, the bright sunshine, cool mountain breeze, the scent of the pine trees, etc, etc.

What a surprise I had when I opened the blinds this morning.

Low, gray clouds, obscured the tops of the mountains, recent rain left moisture dripping from the trees and all objects left outdoors last night, and the cool 50 degree temperature assured that we would be sipping our coffee from the comfort of our recliners, with the fireplace on this morning.

I guess if we never had a cool, rainy morning, we might soon forget to appreciate the awesome weather which is more normal.

The cool weather inspired me to begin searching the pantry for ingredients needed for my sweet pepper skillet stew.

Alas, no sweet peppers in the fridge.

Let’s see what else we might fix today. Smoked ham hocks, beans, onions, carrots, Perfect!!

Today we’re having Ham & Beans! We even have cornbread mix.


Ham & Beans is one of my favorite meals.

When I was a kid, my Mom fixed that dish for us frequently and all four of us kids loved it. My sisters still fix a delicious meal just like Mom’s. We like fresh chopped onions on top, and like to add some catsup just before we begin chowing down.

Marilyn fixes them a bit different, adding Rotel tomatoes, which definitely adds some heat to the dish. We have spent enough time in Texas to become fans of chili’s and the heat they bring.

See, our cool, rainy, day is going to be fun after all.

The remainder of that Lemon Pie Sandy baked yesterday, made a wonderful dessert. Thank you Sandy!

To top off this fine day, the Cardinals and Cubs played a double header and it was all on TV. I may have dozed off a time or two but that only made it all better.

It has been nice to have a “down day” with nothing on our agenda, but we’ll be ready for a day with sunshine tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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