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Medieval Part of Fribourg

Fountains everywhere!

A view from the Gorge top - Bird's eye view of Fribourg

Steep streets - heading back up to the town

Visit to nearest town - Fribourg

Today Alex and I went on an adventure by ourselves! Marina and the kids were tired out after yesterday, and so was Johanna so when we said we'd like to go and see Fribourg today Johanna begged to stay home with the Quintens. Pit started work so early today, 6am as he wants to take Friday afternoon off so we can all go to France to his mother's place near Grenoble so he had left early. Marina wanted to do some shopping at the Coop so she was thankful to have Johanna here to stay with the kids while she did that. Then they all went to a lake nearby to go swimming with some friends. They left Neyruz at 3.00pm and judging by the fact they didn't get home till nearly 8.00pm we know they must have had a great time! Certainly Johanna would have loved it more than being with us! At the lake was a swimming pool, a slide, and of course the lake itself which had lots of pontoons to swim to, and toys in the water to play with, like a see sawl!

And we loved just being by ourselves wandering around where we wanted when we wanted. We walked, and rested, walked and rested, walked and drank, walked and rested all day basically. We had a lot of fun.

We left this morning at 10am catching the train into Fribourg. The countryside around this area is very like NZ actually, except there are villages every 3 mins to stop at and the houses here are so different from home! There are rolling paddocks of wheat, green forests and layers of mountains in the background, all faded from a heated haze. It is beautiful.The train ride to Fribourg was only about 11 mins long, and for both of us (return) it cost $30 Franc. So next time we'll probably take the car now that we know the town a bit better.

We had a great day! The old medieval town of Fribourg is just amazing. Like out of a fairytale, or war movie! We walked down through some very old shops with cobbled streets and came to a huge gorge with a deep river at the bottom. The bridge across was enormously high. We headed down the steep steps to beside the river and sat and had an icecream and strawberries that we'd bought at a little dairy near the bridge. It was so pleasant - lovely breeze and in the shade, watching the fast river flowing past. We could see a beautiful view of a gorgeous old covered bridge just beyond, so headed down that way. This bridge, which I can't tell you anything about actually.... funny thinking back that there was no sign or info board on it anywhere..... anyway the bridge was called 'Pont de Berne' and it was a covered wooden bridge which looked ancient to me, and I was so surprised to see cars still driving across on it, and even the buses were going across. We walked across and took lots of photos - it was quite unique to our experience! We then headed up a forest track to the top of the gorge and had some amazing views of the town below as we went across the highest bridge in the town. We did heaps of walking today which was great! Then down another track on the other side of the river and back to the Pont de Berne via the other side of the medieval town. This part has tiny little streets with the oldest houses on it, and yet the cars go zooming through the streets as though it's a normal street. Weird. And again no dates on any of the buildings or information boards telling us what is what. We sat on a wall by a creek and ate our homemade sandwiches before continuing to investigate the town, going back over the Pont de Berne to to the other side and around the peninsula where there is a hydro station. Here we sat on a bench watching the river and Alex had a sleep on the park bench. (That's what happens when you work till who knows what hour the night before!) And it was so quiet.... I don't know where all the people were? One person passed us, and another went down to the river and swam, even though there were plenty of signs saying how dangerous swimming was (mostly because at any point the hydro station can let water out with no warning). It was quite unusual to see an hydro station in the middle of a town, and looking like a beautiful old building too!

We continued walking around and were hoping to get to see the Gutenberg Museum but it's closed on Mondays AND Tuesdays. So have to go there another day as it looks really good, and very relevant to Alex's work. The walk back up to the town and the shops was quite steep, but we took our time and walked around lots and lots of streets before we recognised where we were again. What fun just to go where you want when you want and how you want. We finished up in a big department store called Manor which in the basement area was a supermarket and huge deli. Lots of different cheeses, and meats, cakes as well as normal supermarket food as well.

As we left Fribourg on the train a rain storm came through (thankfully we were already safely in the train) - this is the first rain we've seen in the two weeks since we've been away. Thankfully tonight, after the short burst of fresh rain it is a lot cooler compared to other nights.

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