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Want some special lollypops?

Liberty Univeristy Football filed

Lots of Masonry Construction at LU

Site of last battle between Grant and Lee

Mclean house at Appomattox

Room where surrender was signed

Painting of the signing

Appomattox Court House

Tavern where Pardons were printed

Pardons for all of the Confederate Soilders

Museum of the Confederacy

D-Day Memorial in Bedford

Ike's message to the troops

The landing on the beach

The battle plan for D-Day

We are now in the foothill of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, VA. This stop is going to be part work/part fun. Miss Molly is going to the beauty parlor here while we take the time to do LOTS of wash at the Laundromat where we were definitely in the minority. We did drive around Lynchburg and as will most of the other stops found a strong construction presence particularly at Universities and College. Here Liberty University is expanding as you will see in the photos.

Knowing that Dennis enjoys history and battlefields, I opted to stay home and read, etc. while he traveled to Appomatox to the location of the signing of Lee's surrender to Grant. He found it interesting and informative. This was the location of the reuniting of the Nation.

Bedford, VA has a truly impressive World War II D-Day memorial. Since this is sacred ground, Miss Molly was not able to join us on our touring walk. They did offer kennels and I was very hesitant, but Dennis talked me into leaving her in one. And yes, she did just fine while we had a guided tour of the memorial.

Have to leave early Monday morning as we have problems with our RV. This time the check engine light is staying on. Need to find out what is causing the light to come on. Had the same issue last year at it turned out to be a minor problem. We will see! After this is addressed we will be headed across Virginia to the Williamsburg area.

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