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While Marilyn fixed the coffee this morning, I went outdoors to build a campfire.

About the time Marilyn brought the coffee outdoors, Bob joined us for some good conversation around the campfire.

The fire gradually burned down and the coffee was finished off, but by this time, we had put together a plan for our travel to the Rio Grande Valley, where the happy band of four couples, all friends, will spend the winter months.

Bob took the travel plan down to show to our friend, Jesse, who agreed with the plan and we were ready to start making reservations.

I went in to get my shower and put on clean clothing, then Marilyn & I walked to the lounge area to use the phone to contact the most critical RV Park affecting our travel plan.

Marilyn & I then relaxed with our books, but reading makes me sleepy.

It must have the same effect on Marilyn because I noticed her dozing off several times while we sat together in the screened room.

A brief rain shower forced me inside but Marilyn braved the shower and remained in her lounge chair reading.

Marilyn cooked dinner indoors, then we settled down to watch a little TV.

We have plans for tomorrow, but I’ll save the “telling” for tomorrow also.

Life is Good!

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