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Ladies in a Candy Store

Scottish Standard and California Flag at a store in Old Sacramento

Fountain where they had lunch

Lunch Restaurant


Pony Express Statue



Triennial Orchestra

Dan Hammil Acting Executice Secretary of NAB

Cory Seibel

Dave Johnson - Keynote speaker

Phyl Putz

We were up early this morning and down for breakfast. Unlike yesterday when many of the board members were having breakfast together, we were among the few in the dining room. We did meet a couple form Edmonton whom we had not known before.

I left Christine to go to the CEIF board meeting. The meeting went ill noon when we broke for lunch. While eating, Larry Froese, Cory Seibel, Jon Putz, Iain McAuliffe and Paul Gericke came in. I also met others that I recognized. We reconvened in the afternoon and the meeting went till after 3pm. I registered us for the conference on my way back to the room.

Christine, meanwhile, had met the ladies at 9:30 and they had walked down to old Sacramento and toured the stores. They had lunch at an outdoors restaurant then walked back to the hotel. Despite the heat, Christine coped well. She had just returned when I came in. We talked and got ready for dinner.

We met the rest of the bard members and their wives and walked to a Japanese restaurant a couple of blocks away. We had our meal there and we left promptly so I could change my shirt which had decided to consume some of my dinner. We went to the Convention Centre for the opening session. Interestingly, Edmonton was well represented directly and indirectly. Cory Seibel one of our pastors was interviewed. David Williams, president of Taylor Seminary spoke about the college and Jim Leverette, the Alberta area minister presented him with a plaque commemorating the 75th year of the college's existence. A video prepared by Taylor featured a choir conducted by Mark Lietz and his daughter could be seen in the choir. The communion service was conducted by Phyl Putz, Jeremy, our lead pastor' father.

There was a reception celebrating Canada Day afterwards and we met and spoke to a number of people we knew, from Edmonton, and through other North American Baptist Activities.

We eventually made it to our room and settled in for the night. Tomorrow will be another day of meetings.

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