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We had a leisurely breakfast then compiled a list of things we needed. I again battled unsuccessfully with the Internet and went to the office. They expressed surprise, but another camper said she had the same problem. They promised to check it out. We had not intended staying at the hotel for the conference, but last night we looked at the schedule and realized Christine would have to spend a lot of time either at the trailer or in the conference centre with nowhere to rest. We called Les this morning and asked if we could take him up on his offer last night of a room.. One of our board members could not make it, so we got his room.

We took off for a nearby Walmart and got everything we needed, despite having left the list on the counter by the sink! The one exception was water. Their machine was out of order. We went a little further to a Safeway and refilled our bottle, then headed for home. As we had left the campground, I again checked at the office about the WiFi and got the same promise that they were going to look at it right away. Needless to say it was no better when we returned. We got a text to say that we had got the room, so we had lunch and started getting things together, emptied the sewer and turned off the water then headed downtown to the Hyatt Hotel.

We checked in and sorted out our belongings. We at last had reliable Internet, so I updated the journal, then we went looking for a place for dinner. The only place in the hotel was very expensive, so we headed out, but initially did not find anything less costly or met our expectations. Then we found a small place that seemed suitable. We ordered and enjoyed a good meal. While doing so, in walked two fellow board members with their wives and the regional minister from British Columbia. We talked and caught up with each others' news. We parted and headed back to the hotel where we met another couple from the board and we again talked for a while. The others returned, but were heading off for some sightseeing. We returned to our room and settled in for the night.

Tomorrow the board is going for a train ride in the Napa Valley, so we will see how that goes.

Sorry, no pictures today, no doubt tomorrow will make up for it.

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