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old town

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After yesterday's extensive and complete tour, we had a free day. Ken began by having a confab with the tail gunner about how to handle our damaged mud flap. He said that he had lost one once and did not miss it, so they removed what was left of ours. This means that stones could be spun off the motor home wheels and onto the Jeep we are towing. At worst we could end up with a broken windshield and/or the need to repaint the hood when we get home. There really isn't time or opportunity to do more about it. Perhaps there isn't need. After a few days of driving,we'll know.

Then we drove to one of the many Costo's in the Quebec vicinity to pick up some cereal and something to contribute to the upcoming 4th of July potluck. The parking lot bustled with customers just like at home, but many of the items we saw were not just like home. A jar of pickled pig's tongues would not be at the top of a shopping list of anyone I know.

For lunch we had the national dish of Quebec - poutine. Traditionally, this dish consists of french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy (of unknown origin). The restaurant near the campground had many untraditional versions as well. Mine came with chicken mixed in; Ken's had smoked meat. Other choices had ethnic seasonings like Mexican or Chinese. A large bowlful of the stuff would satisfy a hungry lumberjack and we left feeling like we had swallowed a bowling ball. Glad to have had it; no need to have it again.

We wanted to return to the old scenic neighborhoods of Quebec we saw yesterday and the guide discouraged us a bit from driving downtown taking about bad traffic and high parking rates. We're learned to take this with a grain of salt since folks who don't live in huge metro areas like we do don't know what bad traffic or high parking rates are. Nevertheless, we decided to drive to the next town and take a ferry that crossed the St. Lawrence and dropped us off exactly where we had planned to go. We enjoyed the views of the city, especially the Chateau Frontenac. It was fun to wander at our own pace. All the stores were open and it was much busier than when we visited on the tour Sunday morning.

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