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Does anyone know how to go about getting a replacement SS Card and Medicare replacement card?

I’m sure I can get this done.

The strange thing is that I have no idea when I lost them.

I suspect it was during a medical appointment when I took the Medicare card from my wallet to show at the reception desk, and then didn’t get it back. I just don’t know for sure.

I do have an appointment to see a Doctor here in Colorado Springs tomorrow.

Sometimes I feel so foolish.

Other than the missing cards, we enjoyed a quiet day today.

We spoke on the phone with our daughter and they are still flooded out of their home. Their mailbox at the end of their drive is gone, washed away by the rushing water.

We also talked to our friend, Bob, who is hoping to arrive here at Mountaindale on Wednesday.

I grilled some burgers for lunch while Marilyn fixed a nice salad as a side dish. Tasty indeed.

Oh, I do have to let you know about our morning.

I left Marilyn in bed when I got up. I started the coffee and then went outdoors to the screened room.

Marilyn was still sleeping when I went back inside to grab a cup of that fresh brewed coffee.

I took it back outdoors and had just sat down when I saw two deer a short distance away. Soon, several more appeared, and then I heard the turkeys not far away.

Numerous birds visited the feeders and by this time, Marilyn had joined me with her own cup in hand.

We enjoyed the “critters” until we ran out of coffee.

That sure is a fine way to start the day.

We enjoy the outdoors so much. The mornings are so quiet, and it seems a perfect time to enjoy nature just as God made it to be.

Marilyn & I were talking and comparing the difference between the two places we now spend the most time. Colorado and Texas.

We decided that, for us, Colorado is for peace and quiet while Texas is for fun.

We love the mountains and find a sense of peace and tranquility here. In Texas, we are constantly doing things, with friends, going to Mexico or Padre island, or other activities.

While our friends may describe these places differently, that is the way we feel about it.

Full time RV folks will enjoy either of these destinations.

So, with that observation, I’ll close for today.

No matter where we choose to be, Life is Good!

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