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Today is going to be another very hot day and there is a good chance for severe thunderstorms with thunder and lightning this afternoon. Ross and Marge will be visiting there friends new home here in Sparks and later this evening they hope to share some Newfoundland cod with their friend since the learned yesterday afternoon at the Atlantis Casino that cod is his favorite fish.

Speaking of the Atlantis Casino the Oyster Bar Restaurant is excellent. Ross had New Orleans Jambalaya, Marge had clam chowder and a lobster roll and their friend had his favorite, cod fish and chips. The servings were hardy and the food was excellent. This is one of the better fish restaurants any of us have found.

Later this morning Ross & Marge will do some shopping in Reno and then will likely spend the remainder of the day inside the motorhome trying to keep cool as the temperature climbs into the 100’s. Thankfully the sky clouded over and the temperatures were significantly more moderate than were forecast.

Ross and Marge had originally planned to cross the country using US 50 which is labeled the loneliest highway in America. However, there are very few campgrounds across the high desert areas of Nevada and Utah. We also learned there is no cell phone service over most of the road and if they were to suffer a severe break down help may well be very long in coming. The forecast temperatures are in the record breaking range and even with a generator and a/c it just didn’t seem to make sense to tackle this unknown when I80 has been tried and true for us on numerous occasions. They have broken down on several occasions and two of those occasions in areas where the temperatures were in excess of 100, and in these two break downs we were in areas where there was cell phone service and emergency help in relatively close proximity. If they were traveling with others they would have been more likely to have taken their chances because they then would have had a safety net if something did happen. They are getting cautious in their old age.

Ross and Marge arrived at their friend’s new home which is located about six miles from the campground. The home is located in a very new development and their friend has not yet finished moving in. The house is a very well designed three bedroom house with a double car garage. There is a lot of landscaping that is being installed and when finished should really look great. The kitchen, dining and living areas are a wide open area that is very well laid out and very eye appealing. Counter tops are granite and there is a natural gas fired fireplace in the living area. Heat and a/c are provided by a natural gas fired forced air furnace located in the attic crawl space.

After visiting the new home Ross and Marge drove to “In and Out” for lunch and they then drove to Dillard’s where they purchased a few things and cashed in two $25.00 gift cards they received as Christmas gifts from friends of theirs in Las Vegas


On the way back they refueled the truck at Costco, Ross shopped at Lowe’s for a spray bottle, they then shopped at Safeway, after which they returned to the motorhome. At 5 PM their friend arrived at the motorhome and the three of them had a very enjoyable visit that included a dinner and the last of the cod fish Ross caught in Newfoundland some time ago. The cod was still very good.

It is now 10 PM and the news is on and Ross and Marge are getting ready for bed and a relatively early start in the morning to travel the 180 miles to a new campground in Winnemucca, Nevada where they will spend one night before heading out again.

That is all for now.

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